Review for Together


(#) KobraBlaze 2012-04-23

Really really brilliant! I really enjoyed this chapter. I think the length of the chapter was very appropriate. It shows us what Pete is thinking to do with Mikey while thinking of the consequences from Gerard and Patrick. I'm really excited to see where Pete is going with Mikey. I just hope Gerard won't get mad. Pete rally cares for Mikey. Anyone can see that except Gerard. Please do update soon. I am really enjoying the whole story. I can't wait for more! :)

Author's response

Thank you very much!
I'm very pleased that you enjoyed this and thought that the length was appropriate because I was worried that the length wrecked it. I'm glad Pete's thoughts got through alright. He really does care about Mikey, even if Gerard is partially blind to that..
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :D