Review for Spamgirl once again :P

Spamgirl once again :P

(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-08-21

Feel spesh, because I never usually take part in these things. I was just talking to my friend who's in a band so here are the ones they considered

1. The Black Hand Gang. (they're the group of assassins who killed Franz Ferdinand, which started WW1 so serious shit)

2. Everybody Hates An Indie Kid

3. Heart Shaped Note

4. The Wonderland Machine

5. The Benefit Of The Doubt

6. Schroedinger's Cat (I think that might be taken though...)

7. Pretty Young Things

8. Mourning Light

9. The Breaking Of The Boy

10. Skylines

11. The Doppler Effect

um... you can probably tell why most of them weren't used... just thought I'd try though :3