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Spamgirl once again :P

by Hayleytheninja 10 reviews

Comp... Winner will appear in the fic ;) READDD!!

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Righhhhhht !!

I have an idea for a fic, soemthing that hasn't been done before, well as far as i know and as much as i've read i'm pretty sure it hasn't been done before.

I'm not giving anything away, only that i need a name.

Something realllly orignal. More then one word. Band name. GET YO THINKING CAPS ON.

winner will appear in more then one chapter of the fic ;)

Example : Simple yet confusing

WINNER: Hayleythyeninja ;)

Speech: Oh wow thank you, i've never won anything in my life :') I LOVE YOU ALLL.!!

Appares in fic: Hayley walked through the huge.....

KIDDING. course im in the fic, its mah fic ;)

ANYYYYWAYYYS get thinking, Review with what ever you've come up with. and wait !!

I shall be picking the winner by the end of the day (well unless nobody enters then i wont be picking a winner at all le'sigh)

OHHH!! and you can enter as meny as you like :3

HURRRRRRRRRY times'a waisting :P

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