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Results... kinda. xD

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Uhhh. readd

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Ok so, i've been reading the band names you've come up with.

And i've picked 3 of my favourite.

But thats as far as i've gotten.

So the ones i've picked.

1. #Tmbfucks - Candy Cane Massacure

2. #MCR_rawrr - Everybody hates an Indie Kid

3. #Bloodbunny15 - Batteries not Included.

Okay so seeing as i can't pick. I'm just gonna go with the very first one i picked from the start!

So #tmbfucks HONEY YOUR THE WINNNNERRRR xD So do ya wanna mail me at pleassse xD

and for #MCR_rawrr and #Bloodbunny15 ima use your names for songs. You can even write the songs when the time comes if you want.

Sorry to anyone whos dissapointed :(

love you all
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