Review for No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-08-21

Name:Mazy Hardell



Band used:MCR and Green day

Appearance (split for detail):

-Eyes:one green one blue
-Hair: black pixie cut with red chunks
-Skin: pale
-Tattoos:Tatto sleaves
-Piercings:Lip ring
-Body Build:slim

Plot/Storyline: Billie Joe broke his hand so Mazy steps in as the guitarist for the tour with MCR and she and Frank go around pulling pranks on everyone and after a prank that involves lots of popcorn and a tour bus admits his feelings for her and they kiss

Band members used:All the MCR member and Green day

Clothing (split for detail):

-Shirts:Superhero tees
-Pants/Skirts:red plaid shirts and red skinnys
-Jackets/Hoodies: skeleton hoodies
-Shoes:doc martens
-Accessories: fingerless gloves

Genre:Humor romance


Hope this is good enough :)