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No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

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The time comes for every insane writer to do personalized one-shots.

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That's not very polite, is it?
I meant hello.

So. I have shitloads of music reviews to do, fics to write and I have to work on a novel and two albums.
And what do I do?

... I decide to do personalized oneshots.

I'll probably be a teensy bit slow at getting them up, seeing as I plan on writing them down on paper first. While sitting/laying on a trampoline. Shhh, I'm odd.

So. Here be the form (I will do different bands, if you like.) I will be doing Killjoy oneshots too. So yeah.

If you want a different band, pick from the following:

The Killers
Green Day
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Black Veil Brides
Blood on the Dance Floor
Falling in Reverse
All Time Low

They're the only ones I feel really, really comfortable about doing. So, here be the form:




Band used:

Appearance (split for detail):

-Body Build:


Band members used:

Clothing (split for detail):




So yeah. Now, audition away! I'll be getting ready to go sit on the trampoline writing my Jalice oneshot. Yes, I plan on using the odd people in my head as characters for fics.

Well, time for the truth I guess. All the crazy, obnoxious idiots up here? -points to head- I need them. They're characters in my novels and stories and I need them. I rely on them now. By including them in my reviews, they sort of help me figure out their personalities, their behaviourisms. Like, Alice is rude and snappy, Jared is quiet and shy, Chloe (new voice) is just odd. So yeah. Now you understand why I'm using them, and why I need them, and more to that, why I love them.

-wipes away tears- Yes, I love the little fuckers in my head. They're, as Nate and Ben have become to Haili, real to me now. I can see the situations they get in, I see them fooling around and being stupid. They're literally my best friends.
Right. I'll stop blubbering now and let you get on with life. I'm terribly sorry you had to hear.. -points above- all of that.

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