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Lists and Notes

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We are closed for business!

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Okay- I have closed these, mkay. The seven fics I have to work on are:

1. CyanideSuicide
2. atomickilljoy
3. Drowning_in_Irony
4. tmbfucks x 2
5. cookie_monster
6. Amyiero (I don't listen to A7X so I'll have to start! And I'm not sure if I can do it, I don't know the characters so this one's a 50/50.)

And they might not be up for a while because:

A) I'm working on a Green Day oneshot.
B) My throat's getting bad and if it gets worse, I might need an IV line again.

I have this throat condition. [*Pharyngitis
. It sucks dick. It means that my tonsils swell up all the time and sometimes become infected. My tonsils have been massive ever since. It's not fair. It happens all the time.

And school starts in 12 days so yeah.

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