Review for No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-08-22

Name: Caitlin Mae Wilder

Age: 15

Gender: female

Band used: All Time Low, with a small cameo from PATD

Appearance (split for detail):

-Eyes: big, forest green, long eyelashes
-Hair: long, curly, chocolate brown, side fringe
-Skin: pale
-Tattoos: none
-Piercings: both ears pierced three times, nose stud
-Body Build: tall, average weight, curvy

Plot/Storyline: Caitlin ends up getting a Saturday detention for a ridiculously stupid reason, and then when she shows up, she finds herself in the company of Jack Barakat and his friends, who have decided they would try to 'break out' because they're stupid.

Band members used: All of ATL, plus cameos from Panic! at the Disco who are also in detention doing god knows what.

Clothing (split for detail):

-Shirts: funny t-shirts
-Pants/Skirts: ripped jeans or capris
-Jackets/Hoodies: a worn purple and grey zip-up hoodie
-Shoes: black converse with yellow laces
Accessories: loads of beaded bracelets

Genre: Humor/Crack (make it as ridiculous as you'd like)

Pairing: Hints at Jack/Caitlin, but not really

There ya go, hope this is okay :)xx