Review for No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

No- she's insane, don't click on the link!!

(#) tmbfucks 2012-08-22

Name: Penina Dayne

Age: 15

Gender: female

Band used: My Chemical Romance

Appearance (split for detail):

-Eyes: Big and green
-Hair: Long, straight, chestnut brown with a full fringe
-Skin: "Moisturize me" I mean palish white
-Tattoos: None
-Piercings: None
-Body Build: I have no idea. I say curvy, but I still don't know XD

Plot/Storyline: We're watching movies at Frank's house, and there's a spider, and Frank and I are scared shitless of spiders, so we dress up in protective gear from stuff we found in his kitchen, and as we try to get rid of it we get scared and run to his room where we end up making out. The rest of the boys walk in on us. XD

Band members used: All of My Chem

Clothing (split for detail):

-Shirts: Short sleeved with a picture or pattern on it
-Pants/Skirts: Plain black leggings
-Jackets/Hoodies: None, but I end up with oven mits :P
-Shoes: Black boots
Accessories: None, apart from the kitchen stuff.

Genre: Humour and Romance.

Pairing: Frenina

Is it just me or does Frenina sound weird? XD xx