Review for The Path Chosen

The Path Chosen

(#) Lurker2345 2006-11-05

This was an excellent sart and I'm now eagerly looking forward to reading the rest of what you've already written here. One thing I noticed, though. Didn't the Dursleys live in Surrey, not London? And I'm pritty sure Krouch never became minister in canon, but this is your AU and you can do everything you want. Keep it up and thanks for writing this story.

Author's response

Surrey, while not directly part of London, is part of the great London area (or whatever they are calling it). Besides, I don't remember ever claiming that they would live in London... And about Crouch, in this world his son was never thrown into Azkaban, he simply vanished (by courtesy of Kheiron). Thus Crouch's reputation was never tarnished and he got the top position. Thanks for reading! Random Shinobi