Review for Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

(#) RockMusic 2012-09-07

Ahww, that was beautiful. I mean like really beautiful. Why can't I have someone in my life like that? So sweet. This has officially given false hopes for any relationship I ever have in the future, a long with any Disney movie I watched as a child...

So sad its over. Lethal Force was the first story I've ever read by you (I almost failed a test because I stayed up all night reading it). Then of course I found the sequel and was like 'YEAH BITCH!'... It was an unholy hour in the morning, I was a little loopy. Anywho, fell in love with the sequel, then looked up more of your stuff and now I guess you can legally call me a fan of your works.

Lethal Force was also the first Rydon I ever read actually, now that I think about it. Oh, btw, I have a vagina... women ftw, oh yeah. Feminismmmm.

Author's response

Hahaha I thought you were a girl, but I didn't want to assume. :P And I'm glad I have a fan! That makes me so happy, you have no idea! You're one of the main reasons I'm still writing all my stories, just so you know. And I'm so happy to see that my story had that effect on someone. I've always wanted someone to want to read my story so badly that they stay up way past when they should just to read it. So thank you so much for reading my stuff. :)