Review for Audititons of Torture

Audititons of Torture

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-09-24

*Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham
Age: 15 but change if you need to
*Torturer or victim: victim
*Gender: female
*Hair: dark brown with purple highlights, full-fringe, straight, shoulder-length.
Height: not sure exactly but short
*Ability: not good at fighting at all
Pairing: -
Reason for pairing: -
Background story: (may or may not be featured): her mom died when she was little so she lived with her dad but since the death of her mom he'd turned to drinking which made him violent so when she was 14 she ranaway.
*Personality: shy, timid, gullible, friendly, daydreamer
Anything else?: scared of the dark
Email: - don't laugh I made it up when I was 6 D:

Love Hozzie