Review for Audititons of Torture

Audititons of Torture

(#) chloewayiero 2012-09-25

*Name: Chloe Helena Shefford or C
Age: 19
*Greaser or Soc: Greaser please! :3
*Gender: Female
*Hair: Black hair, dyed quite a lot. Was naturally brown but then dyed red and now black, red still fades in from bottom of black hair.
Height: 5"8
*Ability: Very good at fighting and shooting.
Pairing: (You cannot choose a band member): Anyone you decide.
Reason for pairing: Because I don't want to be forever alone and theres a part that wants a family but a part to stay fighting.
Background story: Chloe was adopted at the age of 7, her foster parents never truly understood her so she hitched a ride on a plane from England with a large family and arrived to meet the Socs, the Socs tried to grab Chloe but Gerard came and saved her.
*Personality: Can be a bitch at times so don't get in her way, she gets angry very easily and falls in love straight away which later results in becoming attached.
Anything else?: She has a nose piercing and a love of death, she would gladly welcome it when it was her time.

Thanks, hope I get in :3