Review for Ficwad Secret Santa?:)

Ficwad Secret Santa?:)

(#) ColorfulShadow 2012-11-10


Name: Dolly Blackheard
Nickname: No nicknames besides Baby Doll
Age: 21
Looks: hot pink and black hair that is lauered and straight. Side fringe. Her eyes are blue but she wears red contacts. Pale skin and there is no flaw. Skinny and is 5'5. She wouldsort of remind you of a punk rock Barbie doll.
Likes: sharp objects, roses, death, and a lot of other negative things
Dislikes: love, people getring in her way of her killing spree, perverts, sluts.
Anything Else: she wears a lot of dresses. She is a killer and makes her victims into "puppets".