Review for Ficwad Secret Santa?:)

Ficwad Secret Santa?:)

(#) Mirazal 2012-11-10

Name: Isay Miranda Zarae

Nickname: Miranda

Age: 16

Looks: (split for detail)
Height/weight: short (about 5'1"), slim but not skinny Skin: light brown with an olive tint
Hair: black; short and choppy, almost buzzed underlayer in the back, two longer front pieces on the sides of her face, thick, choppy side bangs

Anything else: kind of broad shouldered (swimmer's shoulders! Woot), soft but not overly flabby (haha, irl I am really overly flabby)
Makeup: usually, eyelashes are curled, done in black mascara; eyes lined in black liner,reddish brown eyeshadow

Likes: to draw, to sing, to paint, to wander aimlessly, to listen to music, to go to concerts, to be with friends, to force abstinence upon others, to browse the internet, to eat food, to swim (used to swim on a team), to read, to play guitar, to think,to slap bitches

Dislikes: bitches, things that make her jealous

Anything Else: umm..... Mikey is my favorite.... you can make my fic completely ridiculous if you want, like, unicorns and all.

This is an amazing idea Hozzie!