Review for Ficwad Secret Santa?:)

Ficwad Secret Santa?:)

(#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2012-11-10

Name: Rebecca Black
Nickname: Missy (if you could please tell whoever gets me to use this name instead of Rebecca I'd be very grateful since I hate my name)
Age: 15
Looks: Long dark purple hair with a big side fringe. Pale, no freckles. Too skinny
Likes: Singing, rock music, photography, drawing, hugs and being tickled.
Dislikes: Oranges (the fruit), spiders and the word slaughter.
Anything Else: Please ship me with Mikey Way whoever gets me XD

My email adress is but you're more likely to reach me through twitter @AutumnRiot

Also this is an awesome idea! You're a genius!