Review for Our Lips Touch (OLT) 2.0 experiment

Our Lips Touch (OLT) 2.0 experiment

(#) jessloui 2013-03-14

Love this chapter so much!! A few favourite moments:

"I should just face palm myself right now."
Pretty much me, every day of my life.

"I hate doctors. They always look at you like they’re superior to you and speak in terms that don’t make sense to common people who haven’t done a medical degree at some fancy and expansive college that their parents probably paid for."
That is exactly the same for me.

"Fuck, I just grew ovaries and he exploded them with his giggle!"

Enjoying this story all over again! Please keep writing :)

Author's response

Dude THANK YOU so much for your comment! it made my day :)

i love hearing about your fav moments and i'm so happy that your enjoying this story all over again.. thanks for the comment and i'll keep writing.