Review for Killjoys


(#) ArsenicAutumn 2013-06-06

Oh dear. :( I hope Jet will be alright. My sister was reading this story over my shoulder and said it reminded her of something grandpa told her one time. That something rather similar to this would happen during the war he was in. (Vietnam, I believe). Men would randomly go crazy. And in his platoon they would simply shoot them once they became a danger to others. I'm sitting here wondering if what is going on with Poison is psychological or if there is an outside force causing him to be this way? I'm really enjoying this story and I'm really excited to see what happens next.

Author's response

this comment has really made me think about the plot...or given me more of a clear direction :) I love reading/hearing about the war in class at school. I had to do a few assessments on the war and I always go high marks. my fav would have to have been History and i had to write a diary in a soldiers pov. it was great (Note to self find it and tweak it then post on here)

War poems are some of the best....just saying.

I've forgotten what it's called but I know what your sister is talking about(men going crazy in war and been shot).

i'm not too sure what i wrote in the reply coz i'm so tired i'm writing with my eyes closed.

but the main thing is...thank you for your comment. it really provided motivation and inspiration to write.