Review for Kicked Out

Kicked Out

(#) syphonycometh 2006-11-21

I gave you the ambience rank thingy. No clue if you remember who I am, but I'm the guy who made Symphony and hasn't been here in forever. Now as for the review:

Imagine what a couple of months does for a person! Why can't everyone elses stories have your kind of flow? Seriously, it was comfortable reading and a tad bit on the depressing side. The grammar is a 300% improvement from your last story I read. I could rant on, but saying good job with the story may suffice. Keep it up.

Author's response

Ofcourse I remember you =] It was you who said that my grammar needed improvement and i'm glad to hear from you that mines improved since last. I plan on writing more and seperating it between the two sisters.

I'm having fun with this xD I actually wrote it because I was grounded and a bit to much energy. Like I said i'm having fun =]