Review for Silver and Cold

Silver and Cold

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2006-12-31

giggles I don't know why that chapter made me laugh, but it did. I was all, "Ha, ha. You're gonna die." But really, it was the fact that nobody listens to Mikey. I noticed a few similarities between this and "The Lighthouse." Am I just putting myself on a pedistal or am I right about that? I don't mind though. You know what? I think that Mikey has a sixth sense. He always knows that he's gonna die. And for some sick reason, I find that funny. sighs I have so many problems. And, you know what? You NEED to update NOW!!!! Or, I'll bring out the spork. You don't want that. ;)

Author's response

Uh-huh, that would be cos I was inspired! (by the Lighthouse, the fact MCR wrote The Black Parade at some creepy house in L.A. and info about torture devices on Wikipedia - don't ask why I was looking that up...I kinda have problems too...hides from men in white coats
I shall update...soon..but it will be today...