Review for Still So Young, Desperate For Attention

Still So Young, Desperate For Attention

(#) squeakyfromme 2007-01-22

Totally not the right place for a personal message, but I just wanted to say sorry for abruptly signing off. XD My mom got mad because I wasn't studying for midterms and I'd email you, but my school laptop is crap. Anyway, I don't get why people have been rating your fic negatively! It's wonderfully written and it flows nicely. Plus Elly is very cute. ^_^ I can't wait for chappie nine!

Author's response

Oh, it's alright, don't worry about the whole signing off thing. I really should be studying for exams too. Am I? Nope. I'm busy writing because I owe everyone a chapter. :) To be honest, I didn't even notice people were rating it cliche and boring and such until you mentioned it, but thank you. It made me evaluate myself a little. I'm so glad that you like my fic. I know there are some choppy bits, it depends whether I can get into the right mood to be writing or not. I'm also really glad you like Elly! I wasn't too sure about her character, but she seems to be getting stronger as the fic goes on. So I'm really happy about that. AND- not many people can say they got a sneak peek at chappie nine. Hmm. Thanks for reviewing to let me know!