Review for I'm Not Okay (I promise)

I'm Not Okay (I promise)

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-14

'Is he a goth?' 'Doritos?' 'Franko Baggins'

Oh. My. GOD!!! That was amazing! Like, the sarcastic teenager that Gerard is in this story is AMAZING!!!!! screams...stops...looks around... Bobdamn, I have problems. But no, really, I enjoyed this a lot. The summary really caught my attention. Great job. thumbs up I REALLY enjoyed the little "Life on the Murder Scene" line from Gee. That always makes me laugh. He was such a drunken idiot. At least he isn't anymore, thankfully. grins I'm sorry, I'm rambling now. I'll go away now. But after I say, "UPDATE NOW!!!!" Um, yeah. LOOK OVER THERE!!!! runs off

Author's response

:D :D :D Hehehe, you sure know how to review lol thumbs up merci tre becoup for the review and praise. Bobdamn XD teehee. Yeah I was hoping that Summary would work. Originally it was the intro, but I thought it'd work beter this way.
AND I've updated, but my chapter is quite short...again. :p x x x