Review for One Shots and Drabbles

One Shots and Drabbles

(#) Skoell 2007-03-08

great ideas!!!!!!
very creative and new ways to get rid of problems!
while i wonder why harry didn't get rid of snape, killing his whole dorm with gas is brilliant...

if harry has to pay a fine for the curses he used, why isn't he getting a reward for "banishing volemort's shade back to the beyond"?

interesting idea of harry going to beauxbaton...i mean dumbledore didn't do anything for him at hogwarts and with snape's abuse of power, he would easily win a court case if dumbledore trys to keep him at hogwarts...
i also like the playboy attitude harry's has at the end...great thoughts of a great mind!! =P

do you consider continuing the story? maybe skipping to year 4...harry/harem maybe? being together with some french chicks (fleur and friends..) and reuniting with hermione...