Review for Silent Suffering

Silent Suffering

(#) aiIenzo 2007-05-01

Okay, so just a heads up, this is going to be the longest review in history.

First off, this story hit hard not just because I hate the idea of Frank in pain (oh, the irony), but because my dad has a tumor in his brain. The past few years have been horrible because he'd have epileptic attacks and not remember who I was when we were together. He'd call me "pretty girl" and ask if I knew who he was, because he didn't. He's fine know though, at least we think so. The tumor isn't growing. Yeah, you didn't need to know that, but I thought I'd tell you why it affected me so harshly.

So, I read your first stories not too long ago, and it was fun reading this story and seeing how much your writing has matured; like, the old things were nice, attention-grabbing at least (I'm talking about "Lighthouse" and whatnot), but you're definately becoming more in depth with detail and characterization.

"Yes, I get fan-girlish over my fiancé. Have you never seen him? You'd fan-girl, too." --I loved that because, uh, yeah, that's totally how Frank would think.

"So, anyway, he got to the stage and climbed on, not using the stairs because that's rock-and-roll." --And that just made me laugh, period.

"It hurts to look at Mikey and see all the resemblance. Sometimes, I want to be with Mikey because they were related and they look kind of the same's an awful, sick idea, I know that. But it hurts. It hurts so badly." --And that, my lovely, was just brilliant. The fact that his mind is so far gone in just missing Gerard is absolutely perfect and real. You did that well.

I liked how you played Gerard as unwilling to be weak and admit his pain. That's a side of Gerard that's interesting to explore, and you nailed it, pretty much.

So, I had many an awesome thing to say on this, but...there's not much more I can think of. It was just really...upsetting. Frank screaming when Gerard died hurt. Hurt bad. I could visualize it and my heart twinged in pain. :(

Nice comeback to my story, love, haha. We're going to get more and more morbid and depressing if we keep this up.

Oh, and Shaant = love. Seriously. I can't eve...grrrr. LOVE. You have no idea how much I love you that you mentioned him. AKGJSALIKJKSDLAdelicious.

Author's response

Oh...I'm so sorry. hugs I'll write you a happy fic soon. I didn't know.

Thank you. I've actually noticed the change in my writing. It you read my stories on, you'd really see the difference.

But, thank you so much! You gave me SOOO many compliments, I can't even express how happy you made me. I'm glad you liked. (Shaant is a delicious piece of sexy. I LOVE his hair.)