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A look at the men in Madison's life.

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The band just finished Helena and noticed that Lyn-z was watching from backstage. They were sure she had come to watch Gerard as he did the same for her earlier. They hadn’t really spoken yet but you could see that they still cared about each other. She watched as James and Gerard made their way through “Cancer” and she had a tear in her eye it was that beautiful.

Gerard thanked everyone for coming and he and James left the stage.

Gerard almost bumped into her as he ran off the stage, “Hey thanks for the shout-out,” said Lyn-z.

Gerard looked down almost afraid to look into her eyes, “No problem. And thank you for yours.”

“No problem. Where’s your girlfriend?”

“Where’s Jimmy?”

“About that, I saw you with her and I got jealous. There’s nothing going on between Jimmy and me. Never has been, never will be.”

Gerard smile.

“So where’s your girlfriend?” asked Lyn-z again.

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“The way you two were making out last night you could have fooled me.”

“I thought I heard something outside, that was you?”

“Guilty as charged.”

“I was hurt because I thought you were with Jimmy,” explained Gerard.

“I guess we both sort of messed up," sighed Gerard as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah. But I don’t want to mess up any more.”

“Me neither.”

“Why don’t we find somewhere private to talk? Get to know each other again. Almost four years has been a long time.”

“I’d like that," smiled Lyn-z looking right into Gerard's eyes.

Gerard and Lyn-z walked off hand in hand as the rest of the band watched smiling.

“You want to stay and watch Linkin Park?” asked Bob.

“Yeah I guess,” said Elisabeth.

“They’re great on Projekt Revolution.”

“You’ve seen them before?”

“Many times, I was there the last Projekt Revolution tour back in 2004.”

“So the band did this concert before?”

“No. The band was finishing off dates here and then went to Japan.”

Elisabeth looked confused.

Bob continued,"I wasn’t in the band at the time. I was doing sound for another band. I left this tour to join My Chem.”

“And you never looked back.”

“Something like that.”

They watched as Linkin Park went through their set and three encore songs.

They walked into the bus where Madison was sitting watching tv with Ray, Frank and James.

“So how did you like your first rock concert?” asked Frank.

“It was great!! Derek’s cousin was so funny. I thought he was going to choke himself with the microphone so many times. And Linkin Park was just I don’t know phenomenal.”

“Hey what about us?” asked James sounding all indignant.


“What???” Bob dove over to where she was sitting and started tickling her.

She was laughing, flailing her arms and kicking her feet, “Stop it.”

Bob stopped and asked, “So how were we?”

“Ehhh” and Bob attacked her again.”

Just then there was a knock on the bus door. It was Chris their tour manager.

“The trailers are all packed and set to go. We’re taking off in about ten minutes, where’s Gerard.”

“Last we saw he took off with Lyn-z," said Ray.

“Great,” Chris took out his sidekick and texted Gerard that they were leaving and Gerard in turn texted back that he was going on the MSI bus.

“Gerard’s hitching a ride with MSI, when Worm gets back to the other bus we’ll be taking off. Where the hell is Matt?”

“Here I am boss,” as Matt appeared right behind him.

“So we got everybody? See you all in Marysville.”

Chris left and good to his word at two o’clock the first of the trailers moved out. Equipment was always first to go, then the convoy of buses joined.

“Let’s hit the sack,” said Bob.

“So Gerard is with that girl with the tattoos?” asked Madison.

Bob took her aside and explained the situation, Madison wanted to cry because she felt so used, but she wasn’t going to let him get to her. Why did all men have to be such assholes, except for Mark he was the perfect gentleman.

Thousands of miles away in Chicago in a bed laid two intertwined naked figures, one with a swollen belly, while the other was having a cigarette.

“So you sure it’s Bryars? Because I know you were sleeping around on him.”

“I maybe a slut but I always practice safe sex.”

“Obviously not always.”

“It was only that one time.”

The man smashed the cigarette in the ashtray and turned to the woman, "You ready for another round?”

“What ever you want Mark,” she smiled.

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