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Chapter 19

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February 4th, 2008.
Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

Okay, so I was looking at pictures of Ashley online (like usual) and I printed one out. I called up Frank, and ran over to his house without being invited (like usual) and showed the picture to him. He didn’t care, at all, but he did subdue my coos and screeches about how cute Ashley is and gave me a shish-kabob stick. I taped it to the back of the print-out and played around for a while. Ashley and I are happy.


So then, Frank and I went on an excursion to Mikey’s at… about 5pm. We knew he’d still be asleep because GOD FORBID he take a nap at a normal hour. When we were outside of his house I called his cell phone.

“GOOD MOOOOORNING, SUNSHINE. HI,” I screamed into the receiver, delightfully.
“Mmphg,” he replied groggily.
“We’re outside of your house. We’re coming to play. Get up,” I chimed to him, dancing on his front lawn with Frank who gave me a frustrated look.
“No,” Mikey told me. “Go away.”
“Okay, we’re coming inside your house. Oh–we brought company,” I informed one of my dearest friends.
“Oh God…”

We burst inside–Well. No. I did. Frank just walked normally. Anyway! Anyway, we went inside and pushed our way into Mikey’s OBSCENELY CLUTTERED room. He was still in bed, head under his pillow, covers drawn over his pillow-hidden head. I jumped on the bed and shouted politely into his ear for him to get the hell up that it was time to meet Ashley. Then I shoved the picture under the pillow so Mikey could get a look. He grumbled at me, then sat up and Frank sat with him, pushing me off of the bed.

“Frank,” I cried out. “Tomorrow’s my birthday! You have to BE NICE TO ME.” However, he paid no attention to me, and I cried to myself. Silently. Because I am a manly man and do not cry in public.

Later throughout the day, I hung out with Ashley. Frank and Mikey went off to do their own thing, and I try my best not to think of what that could entail.

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GuitarHero: Why the hell was this written in story form?
--LittleDrummerBoy: Because I’m better than you. Because I can. Because!


February 5, 2005.
Posted to: Sing4Absolution

Today was Bob’s birthday. Ray came over and we baked Bob a cake. At around 1:30 went over and gave him his cake. Mikey and Frank were already there and had already given him his gifts. Ray jumped onto the trampoline and played there for, you know, FOREVER. At 2 everyone else started showing up. Stelicia (Steve and Alicia), Larz, Nicky, and Scott showed up and we went to the movies… with the cake. We snuck it inside and ate it while in the theatre. Bob tried being nice and offered some movie-goers he didn’t know some cake, but they turned it down which was very rude. Couldn’t they see there was a party going on!? How inconsiderate of them.

After the movie, we all walked back to Bob’s and his mom got us tacos. Bob asked Scott if he’d like his “taco hard or soft”, not intending to sound so vulgar, and everyone cracked up laughing. But I think we knew the answer. Scott likes ‘em hard.

Since the trampoline is right next to the outdoor table, Ray jumped right on again after eating and Bob joined him. They thought it’d be a good idea to… fight, or something. Well, in the end, Ray ended up drop-kicking Bob, who screamed far too much and far too loudly.

In the evening, Scott had to leave. Bob wanted to play “dress up”, and we went into his room to throw on clothes from his costume box.

I was a showgirl. So was Mikey. We looked fabulous. Bob was… a leprechaun, or something, and Ray was some kind of dominatrix devil thing. I don’t really know what he was, honestly. Well, we paraded around the block and it was great.

Bob had three cakes. See, initially, he threw a HUGE FIT over the fact his parents didn’t buy him a ninja turtle one–or one at all–so he made his dad go out and buy one. Then his grandma came over with one. And Ray and I brought one.

He’s going to be SUCH a fatty by the end of this week.

LittleDrummerBoy: I am NOT a fatty. But thank you for bringing the cake! It was great. I ate the entire thing for dinner after you guys left.
--Sing4Absolution: Didn't we all have dinner together!?
---LittleDrummerBoy: Yes. I had another after that.
KissMyBass: We were beautiful showgirls.
--GuitarHero: Completely! You were pretty.
---LittleDrummerBoy: AWKWARD.


February 7th, 2005.
Posted to: KissMyBass

I love Nordic people. I really, really do. I spent my entire day today looking up the facial features of Nordic-ians and I just can’t comprehend WHY I DON’T LOOK LIKE ONE. I want to be Nordic too! I don’t even look like the rest of my brown-haired family. I had to dye my hair this colour to fit in.

Baby Jesus, please make me Swedish. Love always, Mikey.

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GuitarHero: Listen to X-Tina on this. You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down!
--Sing4Absolution: Have you been hanging ‘round Bob recently? Lately it seems like you’re getting kind of creepy. Like him.
---LittleDrummerBoy: I am going to drop a whale on your house.
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