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Chapter 8

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Warning: This chapter doesn’t really have one! XD


CHAPTER 8 - Ponyboy’s POV

Johnny pushed his way back through the bushes, Two-Bit trailing right behind him. I looked at Johnny with a scared expression on my face, I didn’t know if he told Two-Bit or not. He must have known what I was thinking because he stopped in front of me and slowly shook his head, a very guilty look creeping onto his face.

“Golly kid! Two times in one week.” Two-Bit said knelling down beside me. “We’re gonna hafto get you a body guard soon!“ He had one of the biggest smiles on his face I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t take anything too sescerily.

“Wait till Soda and Darry see this!” He said touching a huge bruise forming on my cheek. I winced, that’s what I was afraid of.

“Come on kid.” Two-Bit said with a sigh. “Lets get you cleaned up. Johnny, come help me over hear.“ Him and Johnny lifted me up onto my feet and helped steady myself. They put my arms around their shoulders and we started walking in the direction to my house. My ribs were hurting me something awful, and I was so dizzy the world kept spinning. If Two-Bit and Johnny weren’t there, I’d probably have fallen on my face a couple of times by now. Two-Bit was going on about something I didn’t really care to listen to, and I’m sure Johnny wasn’t really paying attention either.

When we got to my house, they had to almost carry me up the stairs. I couldn’t figure out how to put one foot in front of the other. Stepping inside, I felt a rush of relief that nobody else was there. Darry, Steve and Soda were all at work. And Dallas probably went out to find some action again.

Two-Bit lead me into the bathroom and sat me down on the side of the bathtub. He walked over to the sink and went looking for the first-aid kit Darry kept in case of emergencies. Johnny was standing by the door, leaning on it’s frame. Looking at me with a implacable look in his eyes.

“Got it.” Two-Bit finally found what he was looking for. With only boys living in our house, things can get pretty messy. He stood up and walked over to me, first-aid kit clenched in his hands. He opened it up and started wiping the blood off of my face. My bottom lip was cut open and swollen. There were a number of big, blue-and-black bruises and lumps covering my face and arms. My eye was starting to swell shut again, and I could feel the blood running down my chest, from the re-opened cut I got yesterday.

He started rubbing peroxide on a cut I got on my cheek, and I had to bite my lip to keep from yelping in pain. Two-Bit put a band-aid on it and told me I was gonna need ice to put on my lip later, because if Darry saw it at the size it was right now, he’d blow the roof of the house.
When he was done with the cuts on my face, arms, and neck he started lifting my shirt up so he could clean the cuts on my chest and stomach. I knew it was only Two-Bit, but I jumped and pulled away from him anyway. He pulled his hands away from me and held them up in the air like I had a gun.

“Shoot kid, sorry.” Two-Bit looked at me funny and slowly got up. I was breathing hard and couldn’t peal my eyes off the ground. I heard Johnny whisper something to Two-Bit and the bathroom door close. Someone walked up to me and placed a hand on my shaking shoulder. I let out a little whimper and tried to pull away but by back hit the wall behind me.

“It’s okay Pone. It’s just me.” Johnny whispered. He rubbed my back until I calmed down a little bit and was able to look up from the floor.

“No one’s gonna hurt you anymore.” I wish I could have believed it, but if the Socs wanted to hurt me, there wasn’t a thing the gang could to do stop them.

He started to lift up my shirt just like Two-Bit had done and I tried to push his hands away, but he told me we needed to clean the cut on my chest before it got infected. I knew no one in the gang would do anything to hurt me, well anyone but Steve. But I couldn't help but try and pull away from them, every time someone touched me I got flashbacks from last night. It creped me out.

I felt a little different with Johnny though. I could trust him. I mean he could’ve told Two-Bit everything, and have run to the DX to get Soda and Steve. But he didn’t. Me and Johnny told each other everything, so there was no reason why I couldn’t trust every word he said.

He tried to take it off again, and this time I let him. My shirt was soaked in blood so he just through it in the garbage can instead of the laundry hamper. The cut on my chest was deep and bleeding pretty bad. It stung like hell when he cleaned it with peroxide. He had to put a bandage on it, and you could see the blood seeping through it almost immediately. But it was better than nothing.

Johnny had to tape my ribs next, which hurt an awful lot too. He’d apologize for hurting my every time I let out a little hiss of pain. I have no clue how Johnny could put up with getting a beating at least once a week, but I guess Johnny’s a lot tougher them most people give him credit for.

After everything on my body that was cut open and bleeding was cleaned and banged, an everything that was broken got taped, Johnny helped me make my way into the kitchen and sat me down at one of the chairs. He started making lunch for the both of us, even though I wasn’t very hungry.

“Where’d Two-Bit head off to?” I asked Johnny. He wasn’t in the living room watching Mickey Mouse like usual.

“He went home.” Johnny told me without turning around. “said something about having to baby sit his sister today or something.”

“oh.” You’d never figure Two-Bit to be the babysitting type.

When Johnny placed the sandwiches on the table, we ate in silence not knowing what to say to the other.

“I won’t tell.” Johnny said, breaking the silence in the air.


“I won’t tell the gang.” Repeated Johnny. I knew it was hurting him something awful to have to keep this secret from them, but I was to happy at the moment to care.

“Thanks Johnnycakes!” I said, with the biggest smile on my face that has ever been there in these past two days. He just picked up his coke and finished eating.

“Wanna go watch some TV?” He asked me. I shook my head.

“I’m think I’m gonna go lie down for a couple hours.” I told him. I was tired and it was getting harder to keep my eyes open.

“Okay.” I got up outta my chair and made my way down the hall. Using the walls to support myself. I could feel Johnny’s eyes following my until I open my bedroom door and shut it behind me.

I grabbed an old shirt sitting un top of the dresser and slid it one. Then I reached into my pocket and took out Johnny's knife. If Darry found it I'd be dead so I lifted the matris and stuffed it under there. It was the only way I could think of to help control this dirty feeling that was growing inside me. I needed it and if someone in the gang found it, I couldn't use it. Collapsing onto the bed, I prayed to god that I could fall asleep before Soda got home. I wasn’t ready to face anyone yet.

Sodapop’s POV

My shift was almost over when Two-Bit dropped by. I was in the back fixing some rusted old Corvair, when Steve came back and told me Two-Bit needed to talk to me. Steve took over the car I was working on, it was a good thing to. I’ve been at it for two hours almost and I still can’t get the stupid thing to start.

Two-Bit was stuffing his face with a couple candy bars he’d picked off the shelves and had a half empty beer sitting in front of him.

“What’s up Two-Bit?” I asked when he still didn’t notice I was standing there.

“They got him again.” He said with a angry sigh, as he took another mouthful of beer. His eyes were full of hatred and he slammed the bottle down on the counter a little harder the he had to.


“Ponyboy, the damn Socs went after him again.”

“Is he okay?” My mind was filling with thoughts of my little brother lying on the ground bleeding, clod and not moving. I knew I should’ve gone after him, but I thought he’d be fine.

“I think so.” Two-Bit said. “Got him cleaned up a bit. But then he freaked out, So I left him with Johnny.”

“What do you mean ‘freaked out’?” I was starting to get really concerned again.

“I don’t know man. I tried to take off his shirt to clean a huge cut he had, but he just freaked at me and wouldn’t let me go near him. So I left and let Johnny do it.” He let out another sigh and through the candy wrappers in the garbage can beside the counter.

“Anyways man, I gotta split. Moms making my baby sit my little sister again. See ya around.” Two-Bit said and stood up. “Good luck with the kid.”

“Thanks Two-Bit. See ya later.” When he walked out the door I headed into the back again to find Steve. I asked him to cover the last half-hour of my shift because I had to get home. He wasn’t very happy about it, but after some begging and a promise I’d play a couple games of poker without cheating later tonight, he told me to go home and outta his hair.

On the way home I started thinking about what happened to Pony. The poor kid doesn’t deserve this. Socs seem to love beating him up more than anybody else in the east side. It wasn’t fair to him, he hasn’t done anything to deserve this. But the one thing that been on my mind all day was the boxers I found this morning. It scared me more than anything else. I hate not knowing what was wrong with him, and it hurt when he wouldn’t come and talk to me.

I knew something was wrong, he just wasn't telling anybody. First he gets beat up by Socs on his way back from track, then has a nightmare that scares him half to death. When I found the boxers he ran outta the house like the devil was after him, then he gets beat up again! When Two-Bit told me Pony freaked out when he tiered to take his shirt off, it didn’t help ease my growing concern. Ponyboy always walks around the house without one on, it wouldn’t be like Two-Bit has never seen him without one on.

Were guys, we hate wearing to many clothes. It’s like me and shoes.
When I pushed the screen door open, Johnny looked up at me from his spot on the couch. There was bruises forming on his face and arms. He had a split lip and a bag of ice covering one of his eyes. I guess he was with Pony when it happened, or his dad got really pissed off at him again. I didn’t want to be rude and ask him about it, Johnny hates taking about what happens with his parents. So I just asked him where Ponyboy was.

“In you’re room. He fell asleep awhile ago.” Johnny said in a soft voice. I nodded and made my way to the back of the house. Opening the door, I looked over at the bed where my kid brother was huddled up on. I reached under the bed and pulled out both pairs of bloody boxers. I held them in one of my hand while I stroked his hair with the other.

“Wake up Pone.” I whispered. “We need to talk.”


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