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Out to Lunch

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Rose, Vanessa, Robyn, and Sakura all head out to lunch at McDonalds for their lunch break... and end up running into Pete Wentz! Vanessa takes avantage of the encounter and takes the first step for...

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Out to Lunch:

"Tell me again," Vanessa said to Rose. "Why did you bring me out to lunch with you?" Vanessa and Rose were out with Robyn and Sakura at McDonalds. The restaurant was crowded today. It didn't like they would get a meal here before they left. Rose turned to her smiling.

"You looked so down," she explained. "So I decided to help by taking you out with us." Vanessa looked at her with some sorrow in her eyes.

"Ryan called again," she explained. Rose waited for her to go on.

"Did she wants money for drugs again?" she asked. The blonde gossip hound nodded. Rose just put her arm around her friend.

"I'll be okay." Rose whispered. Vanessa just shook her head. "Rose should be saint of friendship!" she thought. Then, she decided to say it out loud.

"You know," Vanessa said. "You should be the saint of friendship!" Rose looked up at her with a little smile.

"Really now?" she asked.

"Yeah," Vanessa said. The women just smiled to each other.

"Hey!" a voice yelled to them. The two women quickly looked up. Sakura was up at the front of the line. She was waiting for them impatiently. Robyn was waiting with her looking annoyed. Sakura was tapping her foot in growing annoyance.

"Come on guys!" she yelled out to her friends. "Act all lovely-dovey later! Order your food so we can find someone to eat!" Rose and Vanessa felt a little bad for keeping their friends waiting. They turned to each other smiling.

"Shall we get this over with?" Rose asked.

"Why not?" Vanessa asked. Then Rose moved her arm from her friend and they headed up to the counter to order lunch. Once the girls got their lunches, they all looked for somewhere to sit. Then, that's when the love adventure started up again.

"Holy shit!" Sakura said aloud in surprise. The other girls looked right at her.

"What is it, Sakura?" Robyn asked. The Japanese woman pointed up ahead.

"It's Rose's boyfriend!" she exclaimed. Her friend looked at her confused.

"Tony?" she asked as she looked where the Japanese woman was pointing.

"No!" Sakura said. "Pete Wentz!" The women all looked in shock. It was true! Pete Wentz was sitting alone near the back corner in the McDonalds eating lunch. He was just as charming as ever! Rose was blushing hard. Her heart was racing again.

"He's not my boyfriend!" she exclaimed. "He's with Ashlee and I have a boyfriend already!" Vanessa's mood changed in seconds. The opportunity was right in front of her. Now it was time to seize it and seize it tightly.

"Let's all sit with him!" Vanessa suggested aloud. Rose looked up really shocked.

"WHAT?!?" she exclaimed. Nessie turned to her smiling.

"Yeah!" she said aloud. She noticed the panicked look on her friend's face. The other two girls were in line with Vanessa.

"Oh come on, Rosie!" Robyn backed-up. "It'll be fun!"

"Besides," Sakura threw in. "We all will just look like fans having lunch with a rock star!" Rose still looked freaked out.

"I don't know..." she replied. "I'm not sure that's a good idea..."

"Okay!" Vanessa cut in. "We'll take a vote! All in favor, say I!"

"I!" Vanessa, Robyn, and Sakura all said together.

"Right," the gossip hound said. "All oppose, say no." Rose just kept quiet. Clearly, there was no point in voting. They won. So she shrugged in defeat.

"Fine," she said. "We'll sit with Petey." The other women cheered in victory. Vanessa looked at her smiling.

"A wise decision!" she said happily. Rose just sighed. "I just can't win with them!" the journalist thought stressed. Then, they made their way over to Pete.

The hot emo rock god was still eating lunch when he happened to look up and see Rose with her friends heading towards him. Wonder mixed with intrigue in his mind. "What's this?" he thought. Then, the girls all crowded around him.

"Hi, Pete!" Vanessa chirped. He waved at them slightly. Pete took his time looking at all of the four women. The blonde was the dominate female of this group. The red head was a slutty wild child. The Japanese one looked like a firecracker. And finally, there was Rose. A pleasant smile came across his face at her. This was the new woman in his heart. Rose was true beauty indeed. He was secretly hoping to have her back in his bed a few more times again. Pete seemed to be curious about the woman. He wanted to know if she was a true freak in the bedroom. He wanted to get to know every curve on her brown sugared shapely-hourglass body. Pete wanted to make her his own woman. Sure they were with other people at the moment, but that could be fixed. Vanessa stepped forward still smiling.

"May we sit with you?" she asked in a chipper tone. Pete just easily shrugged.

"Sure!" he said. The women were all happy. Rose just kept quiet and blushed.

"Great!" Robyn said aloud.

"Oh by the way," Vanessa said. "I'm Vanessa. This is Robyn and Sakura. And you've already met Rosie her!" Rose was really embarrassed now. Pete just smiled at the girls.

"Yes I have," he said. Then the women all sat down with him. There was some silence at first. The women all looked at him and visa versa. Then Vanessa placed her hands down on the table firmly while she smiled.

"So, Pete!" she said aloud. "What brings you down to Miami?" The tension was broken from there. The emo bassist finally started talking.

"Oh," he replied. "Just stopping here for a couple days for a break."

"I see," Vanessa said.

"We are all music journalists!" Robyn threw in. "But don't worry, we're on our lunch break at the moment!"

"Really now?" Pete asked. "What magazine do you guys work for?"

"Beach Radio Magazine," Sakura answered. "We're local in Miami, but we're hoping to go state-wide one day!"

"I see," Pete replied. He looked over at Rose.

"You're friend doesn't talk much, huh?" he asked the girls. Rose tried to look away blushing as she ate her lunch. But his deep brown eyes were drawing her to keep staring at him. All Rose could do was just sit there and admire him from across the table.

"Oh don't mind her," Vanessa said. "She does talk. But she's a little shy at times." Rose just kept her mouth shut at those words. "That's not true!" she thought. "I'm not that shy at all! It's just that I'm sitting with a guy that I want but can't have! Don't be saying things like that about me, you dumb white cow!" Pete just smiled at that statement. He perfectly knew otherwise.

"I understand," he said harmlessly. They all kept on talking. Pete had his attention set on Rose. She was still quietly eating while she stared into his lovely hypnotic eyes. Pete gave her a little hidden smile. Whether it was a the ol' brown sugared naked suit of hers or jeans and a halter top, Rose just managed to look hot without even trying. Today, she had on her black and dark power business dress suit. It seemed to give her sexual sense of dominate power over every single thing. He was entertaining ideas about Rose being the hot powerful boss and him being the submissive one in the office of BRM on the night shift. Suddenly, Pete wanted to touch the "boss." But she was out of arm's reach under the table. So, he went with the next best thing.

Minutes into the table talk, Rose felt something or someone lightly brushing up against her small tender ankle. She froze up quickly. The woman eyed her friends. They didn't seem to notice a thing. She still felt the unidentified object against her ankle. Rose let her eyes travel across the table in front of her. Pete was smiling at her wickedly. It didn't take long for her to figure out what he was doing to her again. He was brushing his own ankle up against hers. Though it was gentle, her heart was racing like mad. "This is just like last night!" she thought. Once again, Rose found herself trapped between panic and desire. Part of her wanted to run away to the bathroom and hide until her lunch break was over. But yet, a bigger part of her wanted to stay and enjoy him rubbing against her. The pressure was getting intense. Pete was just enjoying the show. "Okay, Rosie!" he thought. "Are you going to run away like you did last? Or are you going to stay?" This went on for a few more seconds. Finally, Rose couldn't time it anymore. She rose to her feet and hurried away to the bathroom. The girls and Pete looked at her walking away. Vanessa was slightly confused.

"What's with her?" she asked.

"I don't know," Pete replied. "She just got up all of a sudden." The girls didn't even bother to ask why. Vanessa saw this as a great opportunity to help Operation Prose move along smoothly.

"You know Pete," she spoke up. "Our friend is really shy. But you can call her later tonight if you like." The emo bassist looked at the gossip hound with heavy interest.

"Oh really?" he challenged.

"Yeah!" Vanessa replied. "In fact..." Then, she reached into her black and pink purse and pulled out her black jade AT&T cell phone with a pink notepad and dark plum purple pen. She set the items down on the table. The gossip hound turned on her phone. Vanessa had one missed call from her sister. She just deleted it to avoid feeling down again. Then, she pressed the down button for her address book. She scrolled down to find Rose's cell phone number. This took a few seconds. She found it instantly and quickly wrote the number down on the top pink page. When she was finished, Vanessa handed him the number.

"Here you are," she said to Pete. "Rosie's phone number! Take it." The emo hottie did so without thinking. Vanessa kept smiling at him.

"There you are," she said as she was putting away her "kit." "I advise you to call at her at nine tonight. She gets home at that time. Oh and keep the topics innocent, otherwise you'll freak her out!"

"Got ya," Pete replied as he folded the number and put it in his pocket.

"But don't tell her," Vanessa said with a wink. The emo rock god looked at her confused.

"Why not?" he asked. Rose's gossip smiled richly at him.

"Because," she replied. "It would be better to surprise her tonight."

"Surprise who tonight?" a voice asked them. They quickly looked up and saw Rosie herself looking at them. She only caught the tail-end of the conversation. That was one little trait her co-workers couldn't understand about her. She somehow managed to come in at the last part of plots that pertained to her. How did she do that, they all wondered each time. Vanessa sat up smiling like a little angel.

"Oh nothing," she said. "Nothing important." Rose kept watching her co-workers and Pete. The rock star just shrugged. The journalist kept looking at all of them. She didn't seemed to believe them at all. Vanessa looked at her watch.

"Oh look!" she called. "It's time to bounce!" The other girls looked at their watches.

"Oh so it is!" Sakura called.

"It is!" Rose said. Then the girls packed up things and trashed and began to leave. Vanessa turned to Pete.

"Well," she said to him. "It was nice meeting you, Pete! But we have to get back to work now. So, we'll catch you later!"

"Bye!" Robyn said.

"See ya!" Sakura called. Rose just waved goodbye.

"Bye!" said Pete. Then the girls all left to go back to work. That was the end of the Pete and Rose encounter for the day. (For now anyway! Wink)

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