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Chapter 10

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“It’s getting late” I stated as I admired the reddy orange colour that the sunset gave.

He stopped walking and seems to be upset about it. "Yea. I'll walk you home then" he gave me a smile.

“If you willing to go down 2 more blocks”

He sort of leaned to me as his hazel eyes catched mine. “Anything for you”

I bit my bottom lips and looked down as I waited for my blush to fade. I somehow knew that Gerard was smirking although I didn’t see him. I kept my head down as we turned our direction and walked towards my house.

“You’re very different, you know that Mel?” Gerard said after awhile.

I looked up at him seeming confused. “What? How am I?” I so wasn’t. I could actually compare myself to ‘The Plastics’ from the movie ‘Mean Girls’.

He shrugged his shoulder while he absently looked at the surrounding houses. “I don’t know, you just are. You’re not how I estimated you to be” he looked at me. “That was kinda the reason why I was being a fucktard to you when you had to help me with History”

“Oh” I focused on my feet.

“You hold that reputation of being that popular girl that disses the losers and dates the jocks. The person that doesn’t give a fuck about people. The person that most girls wanna be”

I swiftly looked back up at him. “People wanna be me?”

Why would they wanna be like me? I not special. I mean I might be popular and all, but I'd rather not be one. If I wasnt popular, I would have met Gerard ages before.

“Hard to believe but true” he looked at my reaction.

“Whoa” I whistled.

Gerard chuckled. “My friend has this major crush on you”


If Gerard hangs out with emos... then that must mean that his emo friend has a crush on me. No, that's not right.

He appeared to be uncomfortable in a way. “Yea, you’ll meet him one day. His names Frank and he’s a hell of a lot shorter than you”

I laughed. “Aww”

“He keeps saying that he’s fun sized”

We laughed.

I was upset when we reached my house so soon. We stood in front of my front door as I shifted my feet every now and then.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow” he said quietly.

Either my ears started to play tricks on me or that I could hear the sadness in his voice.

"Hmm" I nodded.

We hugged for an extra long time. Gerard gives the best hugs!

I quietly opened the front door and smiled at him before stepping in and closing it. I stood away from the door as I bit my bottom lip and listened to his footsteps slowly walking in distance. I was trying to stop my urge to open teh door and run after him, weird feeling. Without a minute passing by, I gave up on stopping myself and opened the door.

“Gerard!” I called out and ran after him.

Gerard stood on the pathway in front of the next house to mine looking partly curious and glad that I came back out. A smirk gently played in his lips.

I took my time walking up to him while I scratched my brain to think of how to say what I was going to say. Would this be the right way? But what would the people say if it ever happened. I squeezed my fist and on Gerard's behalf I told myself that I shouldn't care what people thought. I breathed deeply. “I forgot to say something about that thing that you said earlier” I started off as I tried not to blush.

“What thing?” he smiled at me.

“That thing”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about” he sang.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Never mind”

“No… tell me what thing?” he asked, suddenly curious.

“The thing that we were talking about in the park” I said quickly.

His face turned serious. “I thought you weren’t gonna say anything about it”

“I wasn’t, but I couldn’t hold myself” I fiddled with my fingers.

“But I still don’t get it. Do you wanna answer that question or comment about it?”

“Gosh, Gerard. You like making this whole thing hard don’t you?”

“Sorry… I just wanted to know what you were talking about” he blushed. He was so cute.

“It’s ok” I pressed my lips together. “I wanted to answer the question”

He smiled. “The ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ part?”

“Hmm” I nodded.

He leaned in, signalling that he was listening.

“Ok, well Gerard my answer is…”

“Wait!” Gerard interrupted. “Let me take cover just in case you want to kill me” he covered his with his hands and raised his leg just enough to cover his groin. “Ok, go on”

I laughed. “Well my answer is..." I looked down and fiddled with my fingers, "I guess we can try the relationship thing”

He parted his fingers for him to see me. “What?”

“We can try” I repeated.

“OMG” he said dramatically and uncovered himself. “You serious??”

I nodded. “But if it doesn’t work out…”

“We’ll be friends” he finished it off for me.

I nodded.

"But, are you sure?" he asked. "I dont want you to be making a mistake you know. Like what about what the other people in school? What would they say?"

Oh my god, what would they say? No. No Mel. You dont care of what people would think. "Gerard, who cares about the other people, but you know... we can keep it a secret for awhile"

He stood staring at me. "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" I emphasised.

"Oh my god! This is so awesome" he jumped and hugged me. He then immediately let go of me, “But you know what, you found the perfect time to tell me this. ‘Cause that you’re going home when I want to spend the whole night with you”

I giggled. “Sorry”

“Don’t worry” he said. “Meet you tomorrow?”

"Yep, dont be late" I said and waved as I walked backwards towards my house.

“Um… Mel?” he called out.

“Yes?” I stopped walking.

“Is it ok if I kissed you?” he asked.

I bursted out laughing. “You don’t ask that!”

“Sorry, it's just that from experience I get bashed when I try kissing you”

“That was back then”

“So can I kiss you?” he asked again.

I sighed, “Yes”

“Whoo!” he jumped and ran to me.

We kissed our first official kiss in the relationship.

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