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To Catch A Spy

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Bob and co attempt to catch the spy.

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The buses made their way to Bristow Virginia their next venue. The bus ride was long so Gerard had waived good bye to Lyn-z before they even took the stage.

Bob put his arm around his friend, “You’ll see her before you know it.”

“I know. I love her like crazy you know.”

“We can see that.”

“Are the kids excited about going to the sweet sixteen?”

“Yeah they’re gonna put me in the poorhouse I can tell. Between the lost merch and what I’m going to shelling out for clothes, I’m gonna lose money on this tour.”

Gerard smiled, “Just like old times. Besides don’t worry about the lost merch.”

“You guys aren’t taking the hit for that. That was my fault and my fault alone.”

“Damn straight dumbass. But we’re not taking the hit, neither are you. I wasn’t supposed to tell you until the tour was over, but Madison’s making the money up.”

“What? How?”

“She’s a finance major remember.” Gerard looked the drummer in the eye and said, “You’re a lucky man Bob.”

“So are you Gee.”

“It’s nice that we’re all in a good place in our lives.”


The next day Bob text Liz and asked her to send Madison up when she had a chance.

Twenty minutes later she was at the buses.

“Liz said you wanted to see me?”

Bob pulled her into the bunk area, turned around to face her and placed his lips softly on hers.

When they broke apart she smiled at him, “Not that I’m complaining but what was that for?”

“Because I love you.”

“I love you to,” she said while she stroked his blonde locks which were getting longer by the day.

“Gerard told me about you making up the money. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I haven’t made it all up yet, but yeah I did have to do it.”


“Let me get back, the others are already whispering stuff whenever we’re together.”

“Sell out early. I love seeing you in the crowd.”

“I love being in the crowd. I’ll do my best boss,” she smiled and winked at him as she left.

An hour later the band was heading down to the venue with Frank and Bob in the back.

“So tonight you find out?”

“I think so. Mark’s been back in town for more than a day. If he turned on the camera as I suspect he did, he already knows. It just sucks knowing someone you trust betrayed you.”

“You have any ideas?”

“Yeah a couple.”


“I’m not saying just in case I’m wrong.”

“Can I ask a stupid question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Why’s Worm here and not at the bus?”

“If Worm wasn’t here then that would be awful suspicious. I don’t want the person to know we’re on to them.”

“Always thinking Bryar.”

“I try.”

Mitch got the call the night before Mark was screaming when he saw Elisabeth in Madison’s bunk and Frank in Bobs. He wanted to know why the bunks were switched and he wanted the problem remedied immediately.

As the band played Mitch made his way to the bus area. He looked in the MCR bus and it was empty. He went in to and first went to Bob’s bunk. He never noticed that someone had locked the door and was leaning against it, trapping him inside.

Worm was off to the side of the stage when the message came in. He looked at Bob and gave him the thumbs up. The band continued playing.

After Mitch changed everything he tried to get off the bus but couldn’t he knew he was caught. He also knew that before the night ended he would be out of a job.

The set ended and Bob grabbed Madison’s hand as they made their way back to the bus.

The guard opened got up from the door and unlocked it.

Bob finished his cigarette before getting on the bus. When he finally got on the bus Mitch was sitting on the couch waiting for his fate.

“Bob,” said Mitch.

“Why Mitch? Why the fuck did you betray me like that?”

“You don’t understand.”

“Understand what?”

“They were going to foreclose on my house, some how the last three payments never made it to the bank. I was going to lose it. Then this guy came around and offered to pay off the mortgage if I hooked up a few cameras and stuff.

“What stuff?”

“Steal your sidekick and hide it in the trailer.”

Bob looked at Madison and shook his head.

“What else?”

“Exchange the batteries so it was dead, and set up a video feed from the back.”

“When were the video cameras set up in here?” asked Bob.

“The night after Madison was almost raped. The night bfore, when she almost got raped, he hired some guys to cause a distraction. They were only supposed to scare her but I guess they got too carried away. Boy was he pissed, but not as pissed as when he caught you two kissing in the First Aid building. Actually that kiss triggered everything else.”

“Well all your spying could have cost us two million dollars.”

“He swore you would get the money no matter what.”

“Why didn’t you come to me, we’re family.”

“I was too embarrassed Bob. I would hate for you to think I can’t take care of my own.”

“What bank was your loan at?” asked Madison.

“City National.”

“Is that important?” asked Bob.

“Yeah when your father is on the board. One phone call from Mark and payments that were made disappear. I think he was set-up from the beginning.”

“I tried to warn you by saying Trenton had spies all over the place,” said Mitch making one last plea for his case.

“Mitch you know that the one thing we ask of band and crew alike is loyalty and being there for one another. You fucked me over and you didn’t let us be there for you. If you came to me between Madison and myself we could have had this solved.”

“I’m sorry Bob.”

“Me too. You know I have to let you go. It’s just not a good fit anymore. I’ll give you two weeks severance and a ticket home.”

Mitch hung his head low.

“One last thing, where are the cameras?”

Mitch showed him where they were and Bob tore them out. As he went to leave the bus he turned to Bob and Madison, “I’m sorry I was just trying to take care of my own.” With that he left.

Bob took Madison in his arms and held her tight he hated firing people.

“Well that’s over,” said Madison as she looked up to Bob.

“Not quite.” Bob got on his sidekick dialing a number.

Someone picked up the other line and he could hear a party going on in the background.

“Hey Anthony, it’s Bob.”

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he said in a slurred voice.

“I hear your guys are looking for a new member of your crew?”

“Yeah one of ours couldn’t handle life on the Warp Tour,” said the voice on the other line.

“I fired a roadie and I know you’re looking for one. He’s a good hard worker.”

“Then why’d you fire him.”

“Personal reasons, besides I think he’ll fit in better with your crew.”

“Sure today’s the nineteenth right?”

“For another hour.”

“We’re actually off until the twenty second and only have four dates after that.”

“You’ll give him the job though?”


“Who was that?”

“Anthony Green from Circa Survive. He’s gonna take on Mitch for what’s left on the Warp Tour.”

“So you just got a job for someone you fired?”

“Like you said he was probably set up. I don’t want his family to suffer for his stupid mistake.”

“You’re one in a million Bryar, one in a million.”

Bob scooped her up bridal style and dumped her into his new bunk. “We’ll switch back tomorrow.”

He started to undress her when all of the sudden there was a crowd on the bus.

“Lucy we’re home!!”

Bob looked into her eyes, “I’m never going to make love to you am I?”

“Tell you what we have the day after the show in Connecticut off. I’ll get rid of Kelse and we have the whole place to ourselves. No interruptions.”

“Sounds like a plan.”
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