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Bob has a talk with the girl's father.

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It was a five hour drive to New York so they got there early. Everyone woke up at the venue, Roseland Ballroom. After having breakfast Derek and Natasha, who stayed on the bus the night before, Elisabeth and Madison were ordered by Bob to go shopping and find something suitable to wear for tonight.

As they left Bob pulled Madison aside, “Here’s my debit card try not to go too crazy. He handed her a piece of paper. Here’s the pin.”

“What do I do with that?”

“Haven’t you gone to the bank before?”


“So how much can we spend?”

“I’d appreciate it if you kept it under ten thousand.”

“Each?” Madison said with a smile.

“Get outta here.”

As she went to leave with the others, Bob pulled her back.

“You forgot something.”

“Nah,” She checked and made sure she had everything. Bob looked down. “What do you know I forgot lipstick?” She looked in her purse and found it. “We’re off,” and she started to leave the bus. “One more thing though.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss when they finally broke away she smiled at him, “I’d never forget that. Love you.”

“Love you too,” he said as he kissed her forehead. “Be careful.”

“Aren’t they sooo cute,” teased Natasha.

Elisabeth and Derek started laughing. Natasha turned to them “What are you two laughing about you’re just as bad.”

Derek looked at his best friend, “Maybe tonight in some magical moment you’ll find your true love.” He said mockingly with his hands crossed over his heart.
“Ooooooh and be part of this sickingly sweet society? No thank you.”

The all laughed as they left the bus.

“Where to?” asked Natasha.

“Well it seems we have to shop at a department store to keep in Bob’s budget soooo,” Madison said, Elizabeth and her both shouted “Saks”.

“It’s only a few blocks so lets walk,” said Madison.

“Only a few block, it’s like six,” moaned Elisabeth.

“The walk won’t kill you,” said the older sister.

They finally walked in the door while Derek and Natasha looked around in amazement.

The sisters had walked a hundred feet and they were greeted by a woman named Janice.

“Madison,” she gave the older girl a hug. “And how are you Miss Elisabeth?” In the past Janice did everything to get on Elisabeth’s good side but nothing worked. After showing more than fifty dresses she turned up her nose and walked out when she and her father’s driver came to pick out her Sweet Sixteen dress.

Elisabeth gave woman a hug which completely shocked her, but it was nothing compared to what was going to come of her mouth next.

“Janice I want to apologize for the way I treated you in the past. You didn’t deserve it. I was never mad at you, I was mad that my father didn’t take me shopping. I really loved about five of dresses your brought out for my sweet sixteen. I actually bought one of them somewhere else. I’m sorry I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

Janice smiled at her, “Well why don’t we just start off with what you’re looking for now.”

Madison looked at Janice with a smile, “We’re going to a sweet sixteen at the Roseland Ballroom so the four of us need the works.”

“Four the works coming up.”

Bob was lying in his bunk trying to get some rest before they had to go in and do sound checks and the sort. He was about to close his eyes when his phone rang. It wasn’t a number he recognized but it was a New York City number, maybe the girls and Derek needing a ride or something.

“Bryar here.”

“Hello Mr. Bryar, this is William Trenton. Are my daughters there?”

Bob got up as he started speaking to the person on the other line, “You were supposed to call them yesterday. You can’t do that to the girls. They fucking waited all day for your call.”

“Mr. Bryar there’s no need for the language.”

“I’m sorry but you didn’t have to deal with the disappointment on their faces when you didn’t call. Luckily Elisabeth had friends staying over to keep her distracted.”

“Can I talk to them now then?”

“No, they’re out shopping. Are you in New York?”

“Yes. I’m at my apartment here.”

“Can I come over and talk to you about the girls? I think it would be to both our benefits.”

“I thought you were in Toronto?”

“We have a side gig at the Roseland tonight. So we’re in New York.”

“I’m at 834 Fifth Avenue. I’ll have the doorman look out for you.”

Bob took a cab ride that should have taken five minutes, but New York traffic being what it is, it took three times as long.

Bob got out of the cab and looked around. The building itself was fourteen stories and had a limestone façade and was adorned with Art Deco-style cartouches the building also had an attractive, canopied entrance, and sidewalk landscaping. He noticed that it was right across from the entrance of the Central Park Zoo, he wondered how many times Mr. Trenton took the girls there, if any. Bob went to the door and it was opened but a fully uniformed doorman complete with white gloves. The doorman nodded hello to him. He walked up to a desk which housed the fully uniformed concierge.

“I’m looking for William Trenton.”

“Yes. You must be Mr. Bryar. Step this way please.”

The concierge took Bob to the elevator where there was a uniformed attendant.

“Please take Mr. Bryar to Mr. Trenton’s floor and show him which one is his door.”

Bob took the elevator up to the seventh floor and the two got out and he showed Bob to the Trenton’s door.

“Thank you,” said Bob. He was about to knock when the door was answered by a stern looking man dressed in a gray butler uniform.

“Hello my name is Ainsworth and you must be Mr. Bryar.” Bob couldn’t help but check out the huge entranced adorned by paintings and sculptures. They walked into the living area which was a huge wide open space filled with French Provincial furniture and more paintings and sculptures. He was wondering if he should have brought Gerard here to look at some of the stuff. Bob felt so out of place wearing his jeans, t-shirt and hoodie, he felt like he should be wearing a suit or something. Ainsworth escorted Bob to the library and showed him to a leather armchair and there was William Trenton sitting behind a desk talking to someone on the other line, “I don’t care how you get it done Mark, just get it done!”

Bob grabbed tight the arms of the chair until his knuckles turned white at that name.

“Okay Bob, I can call you Bob can’t I?”

“Please do.”

“What do you need to tell me about my daughters?”

“First of all I want to tell you what a pleasure they have been on the tour.”

“Even Elisabeth? I thought she would be making enemies left and right.”

“The firs night was rough she got into a fight with a boy. But they’re cool now. Actually they’re more than cool, they’re dating.”

“That will probably end when they get back to school, she’s had summer flings before.”

“I don’t think so they go to school together, his name is Derek Lazzara.”

“I know that name.”

“You should it’s why she got suspended last fall.”

“How did you do it, she could barely stand the kid now they’re dating?”

“It wasn’t hard. Elisabeth actually was easy to change around. I gave her the attention she lacked at home. She was happy when Madison messed up and she was the one that was doing everything right. She misses her mother severely and she just needed someone to let her know that she was special.”

William Trenton looked down, he felt so ashamed that this stranger was able to reach parts of his daughter he couldn’t, no wrong word wouldn’t things were going to change as far as she went.

William took a deep breath, “And Madison? I imagine the only reason she’s not home is because we haven’t been in contact.”

“Maybe at first. She tried so hard to get out of the contract. Then one night we got into a fight she was so hell bent on getting off the bus she did something that could have ruined me. That night I threw her off the bus and I didn’t care how she got home. I realized after a few minutes I was just giving into what she wanted and I’m not a quitter. When I found her she was being held down by three guys and one was about to rape her. I went crazy. After that we got along better.”

“So she understands the meaning of hardwork now? She gets that you have to work hard to get anywhere to find your passion and work hard for it no matter what?”

“She was never afraid of hard work, how do you think she got her high marks? She busted her ass for them. She was afraid of turning into you. Where your whole life was work and you ignored your family.”

“So I guess I don’t get parent of the year?”

“Mr. Trenton your daughters love you very much. You were supposed to call them yesterday and I had to deal with their disappointment. Don’t do that again. Don’t promise to visit Elisabeth at school and then don’t show up.”

“I was dealing with another set of circumstances at home.”

“Speaking of, why didn’t you believe your daughter when she said she was raped? That fucking killed her, it still does.”

“Bob I did believe her up until I saw this surveillance video from my friend’s house.” William held up a disk. “It shows everything.”

“Why are you traveling with it, to watch it over and over? That’s sick.”

“No!! That’s my daughter you’re talking about I’m not a sick pervert. I had a bunch of files from back then for a few companies I was thinking of buying. I must have grabbed it when I gathered the files I needed for the England and Japan trips. I just noticed it this morning. Take a look Mr. Bryar and you’ll see what made me change my mind as it will change yours.”

William put the disk in the computer and turned the monitor so both he and Bob could watch the screen. And it all started as Madison said it did and just as she said she tried to leave. Bob glanced away from the screen and saw the shock on Mr. Trenton’s face. Then when the man shoved himself in Madison’s mouth tears started to roll down Trenton’s eyes. But it was the actual rape that shook them both to the core. The sheer terror in her eyes said it all.

“Shut it off,” Bob finally said.

William did so in a trance state. “That’s my fucking daughter. We’ve known each other since college. We were roommates and he does this to her? I never saw this if I had I would have went over and murdered the bastard. Did you see her? He wouldn’t stop.”

Bob was badly shaken by the whole thing Madison described it but nothing in his wildest imagination could have prepared him for what he saw. It was so violent and violating and she was terrified. There was the woman he loved more than life itself being victimized and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

“How can she ever trust another man again?” asked a distraught William.

“She’s actually doing well in that aspect. Better than I thought she would be after seeing that.”

“She’s seeing someone?”


William smiled, “It’s Mark isn’t it?”

“No.” Bob said coldly.

“Someone in your band?”

Bob looked down and nodded his head slightly. It dawned on William who she was seeing.

“It’s you isn’t it?”

“Yeah. After the almost incident things changed for us and we found that we were in love with each other. You can take away the two million she’s so worth much more than that.”

“Have you two consummated your relationship?”

“No. Not until she’s ready.”

“How long have you been dating?”

“About three weeks.”

Just then Bob’s text message rang, it was Madison. ‘Going to change at Dad’s see you tonight. Luv ya.’

“Important?” asked William.

“You don’t have any other places in New York?”


“Then the girls are on their way here.”

William called out to Ainsworth. “Tell Madison that I want to see her as soon as she gets here.”

“Yes sir.”

Two minutes later the door opened and the girls, Natasha and Derek had arrived.

“That was awesome Lizzie,” said Natasha, “that guy so deserved the riot act you read him.”

“Miss Madison your father would like to see you in the Library, now.”

“Daddy’s here?”

Madison ran to the Library and opened the door, saying she was shocked to see Bob there was an understatement.


He looked down then in her eyes. “Hey Maddie.”

She knew exactly what happened, “Daddy do what you have to but I love Bob. I know he isn’t what you had in mind, but he makes me happy and forget all the bad stuff. I miss him so much when we’re not together. Just give him the money the band deserves it and it can help so many people.”

“Mr. Trenton, I don’t deserve the money just don’t take this out on Madison. I know she’s nervous about her contract what ever is in it but most of all she’s your daughter and you shouldn’t have one with her or Elisabeth.”

William looked at the two of them and it reminded him so much of Vicki and he in front of her father. He watched as they looked at each other and knew they were in love and that’s all there was to it.

“I’ve made a decision. I’m tearing up all the contracts. Dorothy will be contacting Brian as to where to send the money. Madison you have to finish school in order to have full charge of your mother’s foundation. Bob, don’t hurt my daughter, she’s been through enough already.”

“I won’t sir.”

“Well let’s celebrate!!” said William.

William went to open the door of the library and there were three bodies that fell in.

“Well hello sweetheart, introduce me to your friends.”

“Hi daddy!!”

William gave both his daughters huge hugs and asked Ainsworth to bring the best bottle of champagne in the house.

“This here is my boyfriend Derek,” Elisabeth pointed to him. He gave a meek wave. “And this here is my friend,” Elisabeth looked proudly at her, “Natasha.”

“We were shopping at Saks and decided that it would be easier to change here, plus we wanted to get our hair and make-up done. So we needed a place to drop things off at.”

The library door was starting to open a Elisabeth ran and held it open for Ainsworth. “Why thank you Miss Elisabeth,” said the shocked butler.

“Call me Lizzie.”

“Thank you Miss Lizzie,”

“Just Lizzie.” She helped pass out the champagne glasses and Madison leaned into Bob, who wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

“Everything okay?” she asked Bob.


Madison smiled at him and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. ‘If she only knew what I just saw,’ he thought.

“To the end of all contracts forever,” said William Trenton.

“To new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones,” smiled Elisabeth looking at Natasha, Derek then Ainsworth.

“To new loves may they burn as bright or brighter as they do now forever,” she looked at Bob while Derek and Elisabeth smiled at each other.

With that they all took a sip of champagne.

Bob looked at the glass and swirled it saying, “Very nice.”

“It’s 2000 Cristal Rose,” said Ainsworth.

Bob felt Madison shutter at hearing this.

“You okay, hun?”

“It’s just…”

Bob took the glass away from her, “Sir could you get Maddie something else to drink.”

“Of course Mr. Bryar.”

“Just Bob.”

“Daddy are you really fond of this place,” asked Elisabeth.

“Why do you ask princess?”

“Well I got into a fight with the doorman.”

“He so deserved it,” said Natasha.

“What happened now?” William said exasperated.

“Well he was making fun of the guy that came into the building a while ago and couldn’t believe some one of your stature would be associated with such a vagrant. Then he read us the riot act about entering the building in jean shorts that we must be appropriately attired. We just pulled up in a limo with Saks bags. He also couldn’t believe the shirts we’re wearing.” Natasha and Elisabeth were wearing My Chem shirts with Mother War gracing the front, while Derek wore a TBS shirt that had what looked like a bloody microphone cord wrapped around the neck. “So I read the riot act right back at him. I merely stated that there was nothing in the by-laws about denim shorts and rock tee shirts. It’s jogging suits that were offensive and none of appeared as if we were going jogging. I’m sure we’ll be getting a call from the co-op soon.”

“Don’t worry about it sweetie. We were moving anyways this place really is too big besides Don just finished a building and offered me first dibs on the penthouse. Mark is over there hammering out the details now.”

“He’s not coming over here, is he?” asked Madison quickly.

“No he has some personal business back in Chicago,” responded her father.

Bob just stared at Madison, he couldn’t really get the visions of what he saw out of his head. Right now she looks confident and beautiful. In the video she looked terrified fearing for her own life. That was the scary part seeing her terrified eyes. He never hoped to see those eyes again and he would make damn sure that he never did.

His sidekick vibrated bringing him back to the real world. “Yeah I’ll be there in fifteen to twenty minutes.”

“Everything okay?” asked Madison, “You seem really out of it.”

“We really just want this to be a great performance tonight, the girl Stephanie deserves it. I have to get going for sound checks and make sure the stage is set.”

“Before you leave Bob may I have a word with you privately?”

Bob followed William to another part of the place. “You’re as shaken up about all this as I am, aren’t you?”

“Yeah I can’t get those images out of my mind.”

“Neither can I. Should I tell her?”

“No let her have a good time tonight, maybe we can get together and both talk to her.”

“I’m booked to the 23rd why don’t we get together then.”

“Sounds good it’s an off day, we’ll be in Mansfield, MA.,” said the drummer.

“Bob, thanks for everything.”

“It was a pleasure. You have two beautiful daughters.”


Bob and William rejoined the group and Bob gave a hug to Madison and kissed her on the side of the head, “I have to go, but I’ll see you around seven okay? Don’t be late.”

Madison walked Bob to the door, “Is that all I was going to get?” He leaned down to give her a kiss on the lips, when she grabbed him by the neck, pulled closer and kissed him hard. Before long their tongues were dancing around each other and Bob held her closer than ever. “I love you,” he whispered, after they finally broke.

“I’ll see you at seven, and I love you too.”

With that Bob left.

In a limo heading from Trump Towers to the airport the lone occupant was frantically looking for something in his briefcase. Mark realized that if he didn’t have it than Trenton did and if he ever saw what was on that disc. All hell would break loose. He now had to figure how he could save his job.

He held down the intercom and said to the driver “834 Park Avenue”. Damage control was on.


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