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Happy Sweet Sixteen

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The band plays the sweet sixteen and Madison and Bob talk about the future.

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Mark sat in the back of the limo contemplating his next move. Why he was coming over instead of going straight to Chicago was easy. Trump wanted the documents signed right away. If Trenton saw the disc not so easy. He kept hearing Trenton in his mind asking why the discs were so different. Why did one have Madison asking the senator to make love to her while the other taking her in a very violent manner. He wanted the disc back no he needed the disc back. He loved watching her being dominated over. Just remembering the fear in her eyes was turning him on. He needed to think of something else he didn’t want to go to the Trenton home with very much excited.

The limo pulled up to 834 Park Avenue around six fifteen. Mark stepped out sporting a Versace tan suit, he was greeted happily by the doorman,

“Good evening Mr. Gadsen.”

Mark was treated the same way by the concierge as well as the elevator attendant. He knocked on the door and Ainsworth opened it and led him to the living room while he got William.

William came out and greeted him with a handshake and led him to the library.

“I thought you were on a plane to Chicago?”

“Donald wanted to seal the deal as soon as possible.”

“I’m glad you’re here I need to talk to you about a few things.”


“First is this,” William said holding up a disc. “What I saw on it was disgusting to say the least.”

“What’s on it?” Mark asked innocently.

“My daughter being raped, it was very different from the surveillance video we received from him.”

“What?? So what Madison said was true? We both believed what was sent to us.”

“I want to you withdraw all funding immediately to him and I want the police contacted. He’s not getting away with this. I want you to give this to them as evidence.” He handed the disc to Mark.

Mark tried hard not to smile as he received the disc. He knew he would have to download this before giving it over to the police and he knew he had to make a phone call before doing so.

Just then there was a flurry of noise coming from the living room, Mark looked at William quizzically.

“The girls are here with a couple of friends Derek and Natasha,” explained William.

“Madison is here?”

“Yeah. Mark I know you care for my daughter very much, but she’s fallen in love with Bob, as he with her. I support my daughter’s decision to be with him. I tore up all the contracts and having Dorothy wire the money into the account that was given to us.”

“I understand,” said Mark with a deep breath. His mind was racing, ‘How could he after how loyal I’ve been,’ thought Mark, ‘Bryar is here for three weeks and all his hard work was gone.’ Mark knew he wasn’t going down without a fight.

“Are you sure Bryar is the right guy for her?” asked Mark.

“They love each other that’s all that matters.”

“Sometimes that’s not enough, they come from different worlds that might have a factor down the line.”

“Well let them cross that bridge when they get to it for now let them be happy. Don’t interfere I would hate to lose you.”

“I won’t.”

Madison was putting her earrings in when there was a knock on her bedroom door. She thought it might be Elisabeth warning her yet again that they were running late.

“Come in,” she a said rushed.

“You look beautiful.”

Madison stiffened at his voice, “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to apologize.”

“For what, raping me? For spying on me and Bob and everyone else on that bus as a matter of fact.”

“Raping you?”

“I said stop Mark, when you didn’t it became rape.”

“I’m sorry I was drunk and I thought you wanted it. I’ve always stopped before haven’t I?”


“Please I’m sorry. I promise from now on I won’t touch you. I get it you’re with Bob now.”

“That’s right and don’t forget it. Why the cameras?”

“I was jealous, plain and simple. I needed to know what was going on between you two.”

“Now you know.”

“Forgive me Madison please. I was stupid and in love.”

“Mark I don’t know.”

“We need to work on your mother’s foundation together, I don’t want it to be strained. I promise the past is behind me. You love Bob and that’s that.”

“Fine I forgive you. I wasn’t much in control that night myself. I want you to apologize to Bob and the band too.”

“Fine I need to go to Chicago, I’ll meet you when you’re out there. That’s if you’re completing the tour?”

“Of course I am.”

“With the contracts torn up you don’t have to.”

“I know I want to. We’re late I really have to get going.”

“Where are you off to?”

“The band is playing for a sweet sixteen.”

“Didn’t know the band did parties,” Mark said condescendingly.

“She had cancer Mark and she won a contest. So in this case they do.”

Madison grabbed her clutch and met the others standing in the doorway.

“Your boyfriend is so going to kill us,” smiled Derek.

“Shut up Derek,” said Madison.

Verne was waiting downstairs with the limo and opened the door as the four of them got in.

The streets were pass rush hour so it only took ten minutes to get to the venue.

Bob was outside the venue having a cigarette waiting for them to get there. He saw the limo pull up and had two thoughts, it was either the girls and Derek or the birthday girl was here already.

The limo stopped and Verne got out he opened the door and Natasha stepped out, her brown hair was all in soft curls and she wore a sea mist dress with matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet. She wore silver sandals that looked like a snake wrapped around her ankle and toted a silver purse.

Next was Derek who was wearing black dress pants, a grey and white dress shirt, black leather shoes and a black leather dress jacket. Bob also noticed that he got his hair cut.

Derek stepped in front of Verne and helped Elisabeth out who was wearing a black spaghetti strapped handkerchief dress with matching jewelry, shoes and handbag.

Verne then held out his hand and helped out Madison, who was dressed in a gold mummy wrapped dress that accentuated every curve she had. Everything on her was gold her shoes, jewelry, even her hand bag. It complimented the tan she earned while working the merch area.

All four made it to where Bob was standing.

“You’re late,” and with that he walked away.

Madison was fuming she spent thousands of dollars and lots of time preparing for the night and all he had to say was that she was late?

They walked backstage and met with the rest of the band, who more than showed their appreciation for how everyone looked, teasing Derek how he was whipped.

James gave Madison a hug, “You look absolutely stunning. What’s your boyfriend say about it?”

Before a word came out of her mouth, Bob spoke “I think she looks indescribably beautiful.” He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

Madison broke away from his arms, turned around and looked at him coldly, “I thought I was late.”

“You were. You made me wait, so I made you wait for your compliment. Though it fucking killed me.”

James walked away from the two not wanting to either get in the middle or interrupting.

“So you think I look nice?”

“More than nice,” he said as he leaned down placing his lips tenderly on hers. “I love you,” he said as he placed his forehead on hers.

She smiled at him, “I love you too.”

“Why don’t you guys head out front we have to get ready.”

On the dance floor everyone was having a good time and the poor birthday girl looked shocked over the whole thing. Madison was amused when a young teenager asked her to dance she quietly declined. She watched as her sister, Derek and Natasha had a good time.

Elisabeth went to get the three drinks when a friend of Natasha and Derek from school appeared.

“Hey guys what are you doing here?” asked Richard as he was checking Natasha up and down. He always liked her but when he finally had the guts to say anything she was dating Derek.

“We’re here with the band. I always wanted to say that,” said Natasha excitedly.

“So are you two?” asked a weary Richard.

They both shook their heads no furiously.

“God look what popped in at two o’clock? Who invited the bitch?”

Richard was one of Derek’s best friends but he was not going to take what he was saying about his girlfriend.

“She’s really okay,” said Natasha.

“This is Elisabeth Trenton we’re talking about, uber bitch extraordinaire?”

“Richard she really is okay.”

Elisabeth walked up to the three of them, “I know you don’t I?” she asked Richard.

“I’ve only sat behind you for three years in Math classes.”

“Richard, right?”

“Yeah I’m surprised you noticed.”

Derek placed his arm around Elisabeth’s waist and kissed the side of her head.

“You’re with her?” Richard asked Derek.

“Yeah. I am want to make something of it?”

“Derek please,” pleaded Elisabeth. “He’s your friend right?”

“I thought he was.”

“Listen I know I haven’t been very nice to you in the past. I’m really sorry. I was dealing with some stuff and was taking it out on the wrong people. I’d really like it if we could be friends.”

“Is she for real?” Richard asked Derek and Natasha.

“Yeah. She’s done with her old crowd and wants to hang out with us.”

“If she goes uber bitch on us…”

“She won’t,” Derek smiled at Elisabeth.


“So what are you doing here?” asked Natasha.

“The birthday girl is my cousin. So are all of you with the band?”

“Actually only Elisabeth is she got me and Natasha invitations.”

“Cool. Natasha care to dance?” asked Richard.

Natasha looked down at the ground because she had liked Richard to, but since Derek asked her out first that’s how the cards landed. But here they were all dressed up and dancing their first dance together, it was Famous Last Words but they didn’t care.

The band finished playing and started to break everything down and pack. The birthday girl was whisked away, probably backstage for photo ops and autographs with the band. The music was playing and everyone was having a good time except for Madison. She made her way backstage and waited until all the photos were taken. When they were done she made her way to Bob.

“Hey,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Having fun out there?” he asked.

“Not really, it’s not much fun without you.”

He smiled at her and kissed her on the lips softly at first and then more passionately until he heard his name being called.

“Bob, we need to go sing Happy Birthday,” said Ray.

“I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere.”

Madison smiled as he went to go back on stage.

The show was finally over and everyone was back on the bus. After changing Derek, Natasha and Elisabeth went straight to sleep it had been a long day. The rest of the band unwound and finally went to bed leaving only Bob and Madison in the living area.

“You looked incredible tonight, you all did. So what was the damage?”

She handed Bob back his card along with his pin number.

“For you nothing, but for my Dad almost thirty thousand.”

“What do you mean for your Dad?”

“It went on his account.”

“I said I would pay for it.”

“I did go to pay for it and they had already charged in on my Dad’s account.”

“Fuck Maddie, now he’ll think I can’t take care of his daughter.”

“Bob it goes right to the accountant he’ll never see it. Actually he’ll be shocked it was so low.”

“That’s not the point, I don’t ever want your father to think I can’t give you the life you’re accustomed to.”

“Bob there are very few people in this world that can do that. You have taken care of me and Elisabeth for the past month. You have given us food, clothing, taken us sightseeing. You paid for all of that.”

“I know, I want to eventually take this relationship further, but I can’t compete with your father.”

“I can’t help that I was born this way, and I’m sorry I can’t just give it all up. Here’s the deal when we get to that point in our relationship we live in a house you can afford, anything extra I pay for, okay?”

“You won’t miss living in a twenty room mansion?”

“It’s only eleven rooms, besides I lived on this bus for a month now and have I complained? No. When I’m at school I live in a townhouse with a roommate. I think I can handle whatever house we decide to live in.” Madison kissed him lightly on the cheek, “Do you think of us having a future like that together?”

“All the time.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The two walked with their arms around each other’s waist as they went to bed.

Not long after leaving the Trenton’s New York home, Mark made a phone call.

“You have three hours tops to pack and get out of the country preferably one that doesn’t have an extradition policy with the United States.”

“Why would I want to do that?” asked the voice on the other line.

“Trenton knows everything and when I land in Chicago I’m to stop at the police department.”

“You said he would never find out. That’s why we altered the surveillance video.”

“Well I was wrong.”

Mark sat in the back of the limo knowing what his next move would be. He knew he had to apologize to Bryar and the band in order to regain Madison’s trust. And hopefully she will turn to him when Ali walks in at the show in Chicago.
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