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Crazy You

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Patrick's thoughts on Pete, Rose, and Robyn on the same night. Pretty short.

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Crazy You:

Okay... What just happened? This Robyn woman seduced me out here, we do it on the hood of her car, she drives off afterwards, and leaves me. I just don't understand it. Speaking of which, there are a lot of things I don't get around here lately. I saw Pete in Club Little Devil's earlier with Ashlee. However, he didn't stay with her long like he normally did. Pete just talked to Ash shortly and then went out the back way. He didn't return until hours later. Then Pete spoke to Ash for a short time and left again. He didn't return after that. Come to think about it, he seemed to be looking for someone tonight. Maybe it was that Rose person that he was talking to earlier today. That was the only reason I followed Pete and Ashlee here tonight. I wanted to know who this Rose person was. I had many questions. Who was Rose? What was Pete calling her for? But then, a disturbing thought came into my mind. What if Pete was cheating on Ashlee with this Rose woman?

I tried to shake my mind from such notions. What proof did I have that he was? Just a name. There could many harmless explanations about Rose. But then again, I could be right on the cheating. There was only one way to settle this. Thus, my following Pete and Ash to Club Little Devil's. But sadly, that proved to be a bit pointless. There were many people in the club and I didn't know what Rose looked like. I thought that Pete would walk over to some girl named Rose in the club and hang on with her all night. I didn't take in the account that Ashlee would be going with him after all. And then, I lost track of Pete for a few moments and found Ash all alone at the bar. I wanted to go over and talk to her when Pete left, but Robyn came along and distracted me. After all of that with her, I'm back to square one again.

Robyn seems to be crazy. Her outfit was the first thing that caught my attention about her. I kept wondering how she could breathe or talk easily in that corset. I didn't really find her that attractive at first. I still don't now. But yet, something about her has my attention completely. I can't take me mind off of her now. She's like a bad virus in my head. I get the feeling that I'll be seeing more of her again soon.

I walked back into the club with my head filled with thoughts and confusion. I looked around to see if Ashlee was still there at the bar. And sure enough, she was. A couple of guys were flirting with her as well. I began to think about Pete and that Rose woman again. How long had he known her? Who was she? Was she his other woman? And was Pete cheating with her? I shook my head hard. There I go again! I'm assuming the worst. Quick, I need to think about something else fast. Robyn popped back into my head once again. I kept remembering a few moments ago. Oh that was great! She wasn't that attractive, but something about her had me hooked. I wanted to do her again and again. It was as if Robyn was trying me out tonight. Well whatever I did, she must have really liked it. (Or at least that's what she led me to believe.) Anyway, I now want more and more of Robyn now!

I shook my head hard again. There I go again. If I'm not thinking about Pete cheating on Ashlee with Rose, I'm thinking about my moment with Robyn. Damn it, what's wrong with me tonight? I looked around the club again. Ashlee was still at the bar flirting with some men. I sighed hard. Maybe it's this club here that's giving me a headache. Yeah, that's it! I just need to get out of here for the night and get some rest. That should help me! Yes, some rest. So, I walked out of the club in unnoticed and quiet. This was just getting bizarre by the minute.

I Didn't Hear What You Were Saying
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