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Chapter 35

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“Aubrey hurry get up!” Joe pulled me out of bed. What was all this about? Everyone, except for Denise and Paul, who were out with Frankie, was sitting at the TV. “The band known as the Jonas Brothers apparently have some new romances in their lives.” the girl said as pictures of us and the Jonas Brothers came on the screen. “One of the girls has been spotted romanticizing with not one, not two, but all three of the brothers.” a picture of Kevin and I kissing came up, then one of Nick and I kissing, and finally a picture of Joe and I holding hands. “Who are these strange girls? Fans? Up and coming celebrities? We do not know.” the girls annoying voice finally stopped. This cannot honestly be happening.
“How did they even get those pictures?” I asked in shock. “We don’t know…” Kevin sighed. “They cant just trash all of us like that!” Joe said angrily. “They can and will…” Nick said. Kevin’s phone rang, “Hello?…Yes we seen it…I don’t know Mom…Well we’ll have to come up with something…I love you too…Bye.” Kevin shut his phone. “I guess Mom and Dad seen it while they were shopping.” the boys looked more angry than I had ever seen them.
Chelcie sat quietly beside Nick squeezing his hand. “Their has to be a way to stop all of this.” Chelcie mumbled. “I know we need to think of something.” Brooke put her head in her hands.
We sat in silence for a few moments and then I went to my room, Joe followed. “Joe we cant be seen together anymore.” I sadly spoke. “What do you mean we cant be seen together?” he looked at me in astonishment. “We just can’t I don’t want your image to be ruined and all your fans to flip over me. I also don’t want to loose my record deal either!” I waited for his reply. “I don’t care whether I loose my image or you loose your record deal I’ve waited for us to finally be together long enough.” he stood up. “Joe how could you say that!” I stood my ground.
“So what does this mean we’re over?” he asked. “No…we just cant be together…” I said. “Which is basically like not going out.” he frowned. “Joe I just think that it would be for the best if we didn’t give the press more opportunities to put us down.” I reasoned. “Well I don’t care let them.” he walked over to me. “No Joe I wont let them!” I pushed him away. “Come on its not that big of deal.” he tried convincing me. “Joseph this is a big deal! I don’t want you guys to get thrown away like trash and me not even be able to be a singer!” I yelled. “Fine!” he walked out of my room leaving me there in my room.


I could hear yelling from upstairs. Looks like things weren’t going so well. “Kevin does this mean we have to stop being together?” I asked. Kevin thought for a moment, “Nah let them talk.” he wrapped his arms around me. Chelcie looked nervous just sitting there. She must’ve been so scared that Nick would want to break up now.


I was terrified that Nick was going to break up with me. I could understand why and all but I really didn’t want to break up. Aubrey and Joe were obviously fighting. “You ok?” Nick whispered in my ear. “Ya…well no. You don’t want to break up over this do you?” I whispered back. He looked at me for a moment, “Chelce I wouldn’t break up with you over this, we just have to be extra careful now.” he reasoned. I sighed in relief. “Ok.” I replied.


I was so mad at Joe over this. Why couldn’t he just see that I didn’t want to be the reason for everything getting messed up? I felt like crying and screaming all at the same time. He was being so stupid over all this! I’m glad this happened, I mean why would I want to date someone so stupid as Joe!
It was tense. Joe and I were still fighting and I was still mad as heck! He was totally overreacting. When we watched TV we sat at opposite sides from each other and when we ate dinner we didn’t sit by each other. I wasn’t even quite sure why I was as mad as I was but I was furious.


I could tell Joe was sorry but I didn’t want to forgive him. “I’m sorry…” he whispered to me. “So? You yelled at me when all I was trying to do was reason with you.” I said back coldly. I could tell that it hurt him…why was I begin like this? We went on like this for the next week. He kept apologizing and I kept saying something cold to him. I just really didn’t want to forgive him, I felt like he had taken something serious and pushed it aside.


It looked like apologizing to Aubrey wasn’t going to work. I knew that I had acted childish but I wanted to make it up to her. “Kevin?” I said knocking on his door. “yeah Joe.” he said. I opened it, “I need help…” I spoke walking up to him. “With Aubrey?” he asked. “Yep.” I nodded. “Ya she seems pretty mad at you…” he shrugged. “I think its because I had acted a little childish over the whole publicity thing.” I sighed. “What did you do?” Kevin asked looking away from his computer. “Well I kind of told her that I didn’t mind if my career went down the drain and she didn’t get to start hers just as long as we could be together.” I winced. “Nice one Joe.” Kevin said sarcastically. “I didn’t mean it, it just kinda came out…” I sighed again.
“Ok so what do you need me to do?” Kevin asked. “I need you to…” I went on about what I wanted us to do.
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