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A cool breeze swayed through the still streets of the quiet town of Loveshine. The sun had just set upon the small city, but somehow it seemed that the warmth had long since disappeared.
Everyone from the tiny community, which would normally be tucked away safely in their homes by this hour, was gathered around a large brick apartment building in the center of the square.
Through the shadows of the newly budding night the street lights revealed a boy about sixteen years in age standing on the edge of the roof to this particular building, the tallest building in the city.
While some were simply in awe of the commotion brought to the normally boring neighborhood, others stood coaxing the boy to stop the foolishness and come down. A small pebble flew down when the boy positioned his feet, readying himself for the jump. A synchronized wince was the response of the crowd to the reality of the height at which this troubled young man currently stood.
From within the sudden silence screamed the voice of a young female.
Brandon!” she screamed, horrified by the sight that burned itself to her memories.
He gave her a look of sorrow, he almost took a step forward when the door to the roof flew open and another young man yelled “Wait!”
Branded halted and turned to him.
“Brandon, come down. Please.” The boy said, his shaggy raven hair swaying in the wind along with his black trench coat and the rest of his matching attire. However, bright blue eyes pierced through this dark silhouette and held nothing but a look of fear.
“Michael…” Brandon said, straightening out his long brunette ponytail and zipping up his brown hooded sweatshirt. “I’m sorry.” He replied with sad eyes.
“Brandon, please! Please don’t jump!” Michael pleaded, taking a step forward.
“Don’t.” Brandon warned as he took a deliberate step backward towards the very edge, the edge to an inevitable meeting with the pavement below.
Michael did as he was told and took a step backwards and instead held out his hand gloved with black fingerless gloves. “Please, Brandon. I’m begging you. Don’t jump.” By now his tears were streaming down his face and with them they brought the so-called “waterproof” eyeliner.
Brandon looked at Michael and over the edge back and forth. Finally, he decided to jump down from the ledge onto the roof and made his way over to Michael. He put his hands up to his face and wiped away his tears.
“I love you.” Brandon said before placing a gentle kiss upon Michael’s lips. After pulling away he gave him a hug and looked carefully into his eyes.
Tears welled in Brandon’s eyes as he managed a smile. “Good-bye.” He said before pushing Michael away and running full-force at the edge and lifting himself off.
As Brandon began to descend Michael had just sat up and watched his body begin to disappear. By now screams had already begun and grew twice as loud when Michael jumped out after him.
Latching on as tight as he could to the man he loved, Michael turned the two of them just in time for Michael’s body to cradle Brandon’s fall.
A rush of policemen and E.M.T.’s came running towards the two of them. Within moments they were hoisted into the ambulance and were speeding off to the hospital.
The girl who had yelled to Brandon went over to the building and from the pavement she picked up his glasses, bent but still intact. From here she headed to the hospital where, although she wished for good news with all her might, she knew in her heart that the chances were slim for the secret lovers.
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