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Chapter Two: The Beginning

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It was the first day of school. Brandon Mitchell sat at his seat towards the back of the room, his hazel eyes scoping out the characters stepping through the threshold. Maybe this year would be different.

He sat at his desk with his long brown hair pulled back and his glasses lying gently on his nose. Tight blue jeans and a brown and black argyle hooded sweatshirt were his attire for that morning. .

As the class filtered in one by one he saw the usual: jocks, preps, rebels. And then there was her: the red-haired, blue eyed, fair skinned girl in the pale yellow skirt, light blue hoodie and black and white converse. She walked in so calmly holding her books tight to her chest. .

She stood at the front of the room looking for an open seat when she spotted him, a new kid at Love Shine High. Without a moment’s hesitation she planted herself in the seat just adjacent to his. .

“Hi!” she said cheerfully, holding out her hand in welcome. “I’m Ocean.”

Brandon shook her and said “I’m Brandon.” He smiled politely.

“You’re new here, right?” She inquired, smiling back.

“Yeah, my first day… just moved here yesterday.” He replied.

“Oh, well, welcome to LoveShine then!” She retorted happily. “I’m sure you’ll love it here. And if you have any questions at all don’t be afraid to ask. Mkay hun?”

“Okay.” He said just before the teacher called his name for roll call.

Because homeroom was also first period, the usual task of writing down information and playing numerous “get to know your classmates” games and activities were finished about halfway through class, a free-day was declared.

Before Brandon could even think about what to spend his time on, Ocean had already talked to the teacher and it was decided that he’d have a private tour around the school.

Poor Brandon. Not even done with his first period at LoveShine High and already he had no say in what he got to do.

He scooped up his bag and Ocean grabbed her books. They walked halfway down the hall and took a left down a dead-end hallway.

“If you don’t mind, could you wait here for a sec? Thanks.” Ocean said as she placed him out of sight from all the doors on the right-hand side of the hallway. What was she doing? It’s definitely one thing to pull a guy out of class, but to leave him in the middle of the hall?

She entered a doorway from which the sounds of screaming teenagers, foul words and complete chaos seemed to seep through the corridors. When she finally emerged a man’s arm was locked with hers. He had shaggy black hair, eyeliner, an entirely black outfit (complete with black accessories) and stunning blue eyes.

“Brandon, this is my best friend Michael. Michael, Brandon.” She introduced. “He’s the new kid in school.”

“Yeah, I heard about you. Took that place up on Dead-Man’s ridge, right?” Michael shook his hand.

“Um… last time I checked the street was called Salem’s Ridge…” Brandon retorted, very confused.

“Yeah, but that thing is so steep a kid almost died racing down it He was only about eight inches or so from a thousand foot drop. Scarred him for life. Maybe you’ll meet him at lunch!” Michael explained.

“Um… no thanks.” Brandon added. “I’m deathly scared of heights. That’s why I’m glad our house sets farther in.”

By now they had somehow managed to sweep the whole school. Everything was a blur to Brandon. He couldn’t even figure out where they were. Suddenly, Ocean opened a door around the corner and she disappeared into darkness. Michael followed in after her.

Left alone, yet again. His tour guides playing gargoyle. What was the intent of this trip? To lour him into a dark place where they’ll brain-wash him? Like everyone else? Should he follow? Where does it lead? Perhaps it’s a secret channel of tunnels leading to an underground zombie feeding pit? Or perhaps a secret-society of vampires? Was he to be their next victim?

A hand reached out from the darkness and pulled him in. He was blind, the only thing he could feel were the tight walls around him and the tugging of his shirt, leading him through the path in the dark.

Suddenly, the tight space gave out. The hand released him. Great. Now he was left alone and in the dark no less.

All of a sudden, about twenty fluorescent lights switched on at once. Beaming brightly, Brandon felt even blinder than when he had felt in the dark.

When his eyes finally re-focused he saw Ocean sitting in a chair and Michael in front of a vanity trying on a short purple wig.

“Where are we?” Brandon asked.

“The Sanctuary.” Ocean explained as she kicked back and skimmed through a magazine.

“This used to be the dressing rooms for plays and such. But about ten years ago they re-built everything in the new end of the building. So no one ever comes down here but the janitors.” Michael explained farther.

“And you guys.” Brandon corrected. “We shouldn’t be here.”

“Oh, come on Brandon, sit. Relax.” Michael bluntly stated.

And what if a janitor comes by?” Brandon asked.

“We’ve got it covered. You see, the only time anyone cleans this part of the school is at night. And we’ve got connections with the night janitor.” Ocean said, attempting to calm his anxiety.

“Yeah, we’ve been coming here since freshman year!” Michael added.

“So… what grade are you in? Exactly?” Questioned Brandon.

Michael gave a sigh. “I’m a junior. Now, no more questions. Sit, enjoy. Want a soda?” He grabbed a grape soda from the mini-fridge beside him.

By now the child had put on the purple wig, an obnoxious pair of fake eyelashes, drawn on a fake mole on his left cheek and stuck huge clip on earrings to his earlobes. He sipped politely away at his beverage while awaiting the newcomer’s answer.

“Sure…?” He finally stated, still unsure of weather to accept or decline the offer from the oddly-dressed man. This all seemed too routine. Was it always like this?

As Michael handed a soda to Brandon he looked him over and said “Welcome to LoveShine, Brandon. The fun has only just begun.”
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