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You've Come a Long Way, Baby

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Noriko lies to Sakura to escape to lunch with Kenji. (Sorry for the detail!) Reviews are good!

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"You're Come a Long Way, Baby":

I sat typing on my Oasis article on my computer. Sakura and I were working on the Oasis-Blur battle of the 90's. In reality, I was waiting for our lunch break. I had set up a date with my Kenji. I was really excited. I had to keep it a secret, however. Two of my friends already objected to him. They don't trust me around him. I'm not ready to introduce him to my parents yet. If my friends object to Kenji, I'm worried what my parents would say about him. My mother is a complete snob. She is prejudice against the Japanese because of family reasons. Sure, she may be nice to Sakura on the surface, but when my friend leaves, my mother says the most rudest things about her and her father. If mom talks smack about Sakura, I can't imagine what she'll say about Kenji. No, no. I can't have that for my Kenji at all.

I look up at the clock nervously. "Damn," I thought. "Time is moving too slow for me!" I began to feel restless. I bit my lip nervously. The seconds were ticking slowly. My heart was pounding like at wild drum. After a few seconds of waiting, it was time for lunch. I smiled to myself greatly. I felt someone tapped me on the shoulder. I whipped around quickly. Sakura was staring at me smiling. I looked at her oddly. I could tell that she was plotting something right now. I was really nervous at what she was plotting this time.

"Uh... hi..." I said to her nervously. Sakura kept smiling at me like a cat.

"Want to go out to lunch we me today?" she asked in hyper joy. I was really nervous now. I couldn't blow off Kenji for Sakura. But, I can't have her tagging along with me. But what can I do? How can I blow off my head for my possible boyfriend? Then, I came up with an idea.

"I'm sorry!" I said smartly. "But I can't." Sakura looked at me lightly confused.

"Huh?" she asked. "What do you mean? Why?" I paused for a moment trying to think of a good excuse. Then, my words formed in my head in a snap.

"Today is not a good day," I said.

"Why?" Sakura interrupted.

"Because," I blurted out. "I just don't want lunch with you today. My mother was driving me crazy again with her anti-Japanese rants!" I looked at her desperately. I hope Sakura would at least think about my words. Her face was slightly blank now.

"Okay, I guess..." she said uneasily. I stared at her in surprise. Not at her reaction, but at what I said. I never told anyone outside of the family what my mother thought about them to their faces. I was even afraid of how Sakura would think of my mom from now on. Well, it's too late now. I hope this passes soon and quick. But for now, time for some damage control.

"Thank you," I said softly. "And I'm sorry. That's just how she is." Sakura didn't say anything at all, but I saw in her eyes that she understood me. I slowly rose to my feet and headed out the door to the local sushi bar that I was to meet Kenji at. That was tough, but Sakura and I will be fine. We always and we always will.

I made it to the sushi bar just in time. I looked into the crowded place. My love, Kenji was already at the front bar ordering his lunch. I hurried over to him right away. It was a tough maze of people, but I made it over to them right away. My potential boy raised his arm up in the crowd and waved me over. I rushed over to him even more. He smiled at me like a hungry cat to a small bird as I came over to him.

"Well, well," Kenji said to me. "You managed to escape after all!"

"Yeah!" I said cheerfully as I sat right down next to him. We smiled at each other warmly. Kenji raised up his head to the barista

"Darlin'!" he said aloud. "Two sake, please!"

"Oh no!" I cut in quickly. "I don't drink!" Part of me wished I hadn't said that all of a sudden. But, it turned out to be just fine. Kenji just smiled at me and turned back to the barista.

"Make that one sake and one green tea!" he ordered. Then, the girl went off to get our drink. I breathed out easily. Oh good! He respects my wishes! That's a check for him! My Kenji turned his attention right back to me.

"So," he said aloud to me. "How did you get away this time?" I smiled at him innocently.

"My friend wanted to come along," I replied as I stretched out some. "But I told her that I was stressed out because of my mother's anti-Japanese rants. My friend completely bought it!" Kenji smiled at me warmly.

"You've come long way, baby!" he said to me in pride. I looked at him slightly odd.

"What do you might?" I asked him. Kenji just smiled at me in a wicked way.

"You see," he answered. "I took you as a sweet little angel with a hint of mischief."

"So?" I asked him. Kenji just shrugged at me.

"Now," he summed up. "You've lied to a friend. It's not much, but you are getting better." I smiled at him brightly.

"Yeah!" I said cheerfully. "I guess I am!" Kenji kept smiling at me.

"That's it!" he said. Then, our drinks came. I drank my tea quietly. Lunch was very good, thank you. It tasted even better with my Kenji! I don't know! A relationship could happen between us after all! I just have to wait and see. WinkWe've Come a Long Long Way Together
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