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Operation: Prose Pt. 2

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Vanessa updates the Prose fans on Pete and Rose's love relationship status.

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Operation Prose Pt. 2:


Blog Title: Meanie!!!

Rosie is so mean today! She won't tell me what happened to her last night! I know she ran into Panda again and something hot happened! It must have. She was just so happy this morning. But, Rosie won't spill a thing! It's driving me nuts! Grrr! I have to get that information somehow! What am I supposed to tell my fans about when they ask about the latest romantic moments of Prose? Grrr! I must get that information somehow! But how? How?

Anyway, Operation Prose is going great. I gave Panda Rosie's cell phone number. The lovebirds have been calling each other ever since. Rosie was mad at me for giving Panda her number, but it was worth it. Now, I need to push for phase two. What is that you ask? Together Panda and Rosie to run into each other more often. I might have to really do much on that part. This is more of a self-working mission. I only need to interfere when Rosie gets hung up on her shyness again and resorts to Tony as a settlement. She's done that before, yes? It has happened one too many times. Every she feels that she is falling for a great guy, Rosie flees back to that waste of space of Tony. Not this time! I'm going to push her all the way into Panda's arms. (And his bed while I'm at it! ;) ) Ha-ha, watch me!

But Aunt Nessa, you say, what about that Tart Simpson and the waste of space Tony? Good question! The tart is now in town. Damper on the whole mission, right? Dream on, suckers! Like one normally does when little bumps like this come into plans, I work around and to flatten them down. And the tart is no exception to the rule. You know what that means? Time to bring my A+ game to the table if I want Prose to be together as one. I will have to the Back-Up Squad into really serious shape this time! Can't have any slackers or half-ass attempts! No sir! We all have to go for the diamond and see Panda and Rosie together as lovers. (And maybe married with children if we all play the game just perfect! ;) ) Oooo! This is going to be so exciting! I can feel it in my free soul!

But first, I have to get the details from Rosie about how last night went so that I can know what methods to take next if I have to. But how to do that successfully? How? How? Hmm.... Sits back thinking

Sadly, my little chickadees, I have to go! My lunch break is over and if the big mean boss lady comes in and catches me blogging at work, I will be in the unemployment office! (Really need to work on her soon!)

But until then...

Chow and kisses!

Aunt Nessa

Words Like Violence Break the Silence

Author's Note: Hm, I wonder what's going to happen next, little emo children. What's that? You want more Prose action? Well... Pretends to think about that Okay, but you have to keep reviewing my to keep me in business here.
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