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Chapter 2

by iceinferno84 42 Reviews

Chapter 2

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Sci-fi - Characters: Harry - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2008/07/10 - Updated: 2008/07/10 - 1906 words


  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) reddragon2122 2008-07-10 12:55:00 PM

    i like the story line so far but i hate Harry/Ginny so please make it Harry/Padma
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) harrysfriend 2008-07-10 01:04:37 PM

    My vote is for Harry/Padma/Ginny.

    I still don't understand the Ron hate but I obviously can't derail those of you who subcribe.

  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) hoser41 2008-07-10 01:24:32 PM

    Either paring is fine with me. The link below is to the Harry Potter Lexicon, where you can find Sirius' animagus form. Scroll about halfway down and look under SKILLS, ALLEGIANCES, ETC.
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) michae1ange1o 2008-07-10 01:32:00 PM

    Looks like you have read a lot of the same stories as me =). Though there are a LOT of clichés involved, I do enjoy a good TT story and thus await more.

    Padfoot, amazingly JKR likes to use quite a bit of british folklore in her stories and thus the legend of Padfoot realy exists. see

    But like I always say, you as the author write the story as you want, want him as a wolf, he's a wolf. Don't like it, don't read the story, end of discussion.

    Pairings, as long as it's not slash I'll be happy. As for Ginny ... well as far as I could tell, the character seems to have the personality of soggy cardboard, I vote Harry/Luna/Tonks, the only two interesting female characters in the whole searies.
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) Maxtaf 2008-07-10 01:32:12 PM

    Harry/Padma/Ginny. Harem goood! I'd personally prefer Harry/Ginny/Gabby, but it's your story.

    And harrysfriend, I understand where you are coming from. I don't understand the rampant Ginny hate that's out there.
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) BARON1941 2008-07-10 01:38:21 PM

    I am really enjoying your story it is vey interresting and well written.
    I vote for harry/padma as the pairing.
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) ROBERT_1958 2008-07-10 01:43:09 PM

    I hope Dobby & Winky are in the story soon.

    Great story.

    I am looking to see what Harry can do now.
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) snowfox 2008-07-10 01:53:01 PM

    great story looking good
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) ALConfederate 2008-07-10 01:59:10 PM

    The heck with H/G or H/P or even H/G/P. The new improved Harry needs a Slytherin woman -- I vote for female!Blaise, Daphne Greengrass, or someone similar.

    Remember, he's not the person he was the day before this story started, and he won't be the same Harry that hooked up with Ginny. He's more mature, more experienced, and has learned the values of tact, intelligence, and cunning. Where's he most likely to find this? In Slytherin!
  • A Hero's Journey Again

    (#) fleurisagodess 2008-07-10 02:05:49 PM

    i would say harry/Padma all the way. There are tons of fics with harry/giny/??? but not many that are just harry/Padma.

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