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Chapter Eight

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Myra meets the rapidly growing group, Ruri seems interested in how close she is to Xenoth. A new face makes an appearance, and a pretty one too.

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Chapter Eight

Xenoth sighed as he sat up on the edge of his bed. He put his face in his hands, elbows propped on his knees, and sighed. "Man, I hope she's alright" he said aloud to himself. "She'll be fine" Tetsu said, coming back in the room. "So...what happened?" the curious bunny asked. Xenoth retold the tale, Tetsu already having known some parts given their Guardian mind link. "Huh, I see. Well though I admire your honor and what not...I still think you're an idiot for not tearing that up! DAMN she was hot" he said, shaking his head in shame. Xenoth simply rolled his eyes and laid back on the bed. "This...has been a very weird day..." he said before falling back asleep. Tetsu sat on the floor, munching on carrots and day-dreaming about Myra's sexiness. The night carried on with nothing more interesting happening. Xenoth woke up to something soft and furry patting him on the cheek. He opened his eyes lazily to see Tetsu sitting on his chest. "Hey, wake up sleeping beauty! It's almost noon!" the annoyed looking rabbit shouted. Xenoth pushed the creature off of him with a little more force than was necessary. Tetsu cried out in shock as he hit the floor and rolled across the room to smack against the dresser. Xenoth was standing and putting his black t-shirt on when the rabbit flung himself across the room to kick the boy right in the forehead. Xenoth hadn't even seen it coming. With surprising force from such a small body, the kick nearly made Xenoth do a backflip on the spot. He landed flat on the floor and stared up at the ceiling. "Ow" he said simply. The rabbit was heading out the door. "That's what you get you little bastard! Throwing me like that. Stupid ass" Tetsu started. Xenoth could hear him still ranting down the hallway, a couple of students starting to murmur about a talking rabbit. Collecting himself off the floor, Xenoth went to look for the shower area. He'd been beaten, fighting, and training the day before and probably wasn't very clean.

He asked someone in the hall and they directed him to the wash area. In the middle of the his shower, he heard a whole bunch of girls, their bath being next door, cooing and making cheerful sounds and squees at something. At first, Xenoth wasn't sure what to think of it. Then a flood of images invaded his mind as they were sent from Tetsu. Enjoy was all the voice said that came with the images. Xenoth was seeing every bit of every bathing girl that Tetsu saw. Since he was a cute little rabbit thing, the girls hadn't cared he invaded their large, japanese-style bath area. Xenoth couldn't help but smirk slightly at the rabbit's idea. 'Genius, I'll admit' he responded. He had to fight to control himself however, being in the wrong place for certain things to arise. As he finished his shower and got dressed, the images increased. Especially ones of girls who were getting out and leaving. 'Ok, enough you fuzzy little bastard' Xenoth scolded the rabbit, having difficulty concentrating. You know what, later I'm gonna teach you how to control your thoughts more...basically blocking what you don't want me to see and being able to ignore what I try to send'll help us both in the long run. This is payback for what I recieved from your mind last night Tetsu responded. Sighing, Xenoth headed out of the shower area and to the lunch room. Immediately he saw Ruri and Nina sitting in the same spot as usual. He wasn't very hungry, so he headed straight to them. Plopping down in the chair across from them, he smiled slightly. "Hey guys" he said. The thought of last night's event still weighed on his mind a bit, and apparently it was somewhat evident with his vacant expression. "Are you ok?" Ruri asked, Nina looking to him for an answer as well.

"What? Oh..yeah. Just kinda tired...had a weird night" he answered. Ruri and Nina both looked at one another before returning their inquisitive gazes back onto him. "Weird how? did something happen?" they both asked. He felt like he blushed slightly, but he wasn't sure. He shook his head somewhat nervously, laughing slightly. "No no, just some really weird dreams. I can't even really remember what about" he answered quickly. After a moment of skeptical expressions directed towards the boy, they both shrugged and smiled. "Ok. So how are you feeling? Other than the tired part I mean" Ruri asked him. Nina looked from her to him. "Did something happen yesterday?" she asked. "Just some training...rough training. I'm fine though" he answered, pulling the collar of his shirt to reveal the scar left by the moving suit of armor's sword. Nina looked concerned with her new friend's wound but accepted his claim at being ok. Ruri nodded and smiled. "Glad you're feeling fine then. Tomorrow we'll pick back up...though at a bit slower pace this time haha" she responded. Marcus then showed up and sat next to Nina. "Hey guys! Oh, Xenoth! About time you showed up. I haven't seen you since lunch yesterday" the ever-hyper boy chimed. Xenoth shrugged. "I was resting haha...long story" he answered simply. Hey, bring me back some carrots Tetsu's voice ordered in his mind. 'You're gonna turn orange...i swear you've become addicted to those overnight' Xenoth responded. "So what's going on with everyone today?" he asked. "Well, I've still gotta go to class" Marcus responded. Nina sighed. "Work" she answered simply, the first time Xenoth had heard her sound annoyed. Ruri shrugged. "I'm not doing anything today. Grandfather is busy with something...who knows what..." she answered. Xenoth smiled, stretching his arms above his head. "Wanna hang out?" he asked. Just then, Myra dropped into the seat beside Xenoth. "Hey! I missed you!" she said to Xenoth, hugging his right arm to her. She wore the same hoodie and pants as the night before, the hat as well. Ruri raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "I didn't know you had a girlfriend..." she said, looking almost like she had been misled. "Erm..well I don't...this is my friend Myra. Myra, this is Ruri, Marcus and Nina" he responded, pointing to each as he announced their names. "They're my friends" he added.

Myra smiled to each widely. "Nice to meet you all! Any friend of Xenoth's is a friend of mine!" she happily stated. The three smiled in return. Myra still hadn't let go of Xenoth's arm. Faking a yawn, he slipped his arm free in the act of stretching. "Aww, you're still sleepy? It's almost noon you sleepy head!" Myra playfully scolded. "I'm more tired than usual...probably from everything that happened yesterday" Xenoth responded. Myra gave a slight blush, though no one caught it. "So, how do you two know each other?" Ruri asked, seemingly extra-interested in the new comer. "We've known each other since we were babies. We grew up together for a long time. We got seperated though, but we ran into each other here!" Myra was all too happy to answer. Xenoth smiled mildly and nodded to confirm her story. "Oh, I see. Child-hood friends are great" Ruri said, smiling. Nina smiled brightly and nodded her agreement. Marcus simply stared at Myra's face for a moment. "Damn, you are SO adorable!" he said suddenly. Myra moved closer to Xenoth's side. "You...are creepy. Xenoth, don't let that boy near me" she said, half hiding her face behind his shoulder. He rolled his eyes and laughed a little. "He's fine..don't worry about it" he said as he noticed Nina had been glaring at Marcus. "Do you just go and flirt with EVERY girl you meet? Because I THOUGHT you liked ME" the dirty blonde said angrily. Xenoth watched in surprise, never expecting sweet little Nina to get angry. Ruri saw his expression and laughed. "Er, yeah she gets like that sometimes. Her temper is shockingly worse than mine" she said to him quietly. Xenoth laughed slightly as Nina got up and Marcus was already running away. "I'll be right back" the blonde said before slowly stalking off after the frightened boy. " they a couple now?" Xenoth asked, not having known about this really. Sure, they seemed to get along yesterday but they had just met. "Well, I wouldn't say they're going steady or anything yet...but yeah I guess so haha" Ruri answered.

"She scares me" Myra said, watching Nina slowly walk after Marcus' running form like in an old horror movie. Xenoth shook with laughter before patting her on the head. "Well as long as you don't piss her off, you have nothing to worry about I think" he assured her, smiling slightly. Myra smiled slightly, happy at the small sign of affection even if it was just a pat on the head. Xenoth stood and stretched once more, still trying to get all the soreness from his muscles. "Well, what do you wanna do?" he asked Ruri. She paused to think for a moment. "Wait, you guys have plans?" Myra asked, feeling left out. Xenoth shrugged. "Well, not anything specific, but neither of us have anything to do today so we were gonna hang out. Why? Do you wanna come?" he asked her. She grinned widely at the offer and nodded fervently. "Yes! I'd love to!" she said happily, jumping up and hugging him. Ruri stood and walked over to them both. "Well, I dunno what we could do. Oh, how about we go swimming?" she suggested, holding a finger in the air as thought she just had an epiphany. Xenoth shrugged. "Sounds good, though I don't have anything to wear" he admitted. Myra nodded, silent for once. Xenoth something might've been wrong with her, and she could tell so she put a quick smile on her face. "Guess it's settled then, swimming it is! And don't worry, I'll find something for you" Ruri finalized the idea. They headed out of the cafe and down the hallway of the dorms, towards Ruri's room. She stopped outside the door and spun on her heals, facing the other two. Myra was still attached to Xenoth's arm like a lost child. "Ok, Xenoth wait here. Come on Myra, I have something you can wear" she said, smiling sweetly. Myra hesitated for a moment. "Um, I just realized...I have something I forgot to do...I'll have to catch you guys later" she said quietly. She kissed Xenoth quickly on the cheek, an action not missed by Ruri, and ran off away from the dorms.

Xenoth and Ruri shared a 'what the hell was that about?' look between one another before she shrugged and opened her door. "Ok well, wait here" she said. He nodded as she disappeared inside. She emerged a moment later and tossed a pair of black board shorts at him. He caught them, curious as to why she had these. "Well, my old roommate was a pretty big tom-boy and she loved surfing. She left those here when she left. They should fit, she always had to tie them really tight" Ruri said as she disappeared behind the door once more. Xenoth shrugged, deciding not to question. He went to his room, which was only a few doors down, and changed quickly. Heading back out the door, Ruri was already waiting for him. He paused for a moment, looking her up and down. She wore a white bikini top adorned with various flowers. A towel was wrapped around her waist so he couldn't see what else she was wearing, but he assumed it matched her top. Looking at the top again, he felt himself almost staring as he realized she was a bit more generously equipped than he already thought. "Xenoth, don't make me hurt you" she chimed teasingly, noticing the way he was looking her over. He shook his head, ridding his mind of certain thoughts that arose. Damnit, I told you to control that! Tetsu shouted in his brain. 'Sorry, couldn't help it' he responded. "Heh, sorry sorry. I can't help that you look amazing" he said. 'Did I just flirt with her?' he asked himself. "Well, lead the way" he said, smiling. She led them to the roof of the building, the pool apparently being on top of the academy. They passed a couple walking in the hallway and the guy followed Ruri with his eyes while walking before his girlfriend smacked him in the back of his head. Xenoth laughed a little. They reached the roof where a very large swimming pool with a large number of people already it in awaited. It had slides and diving boards, both high and low ones.

Xenoth and Ruri swam for a good long while. The got into a few random pool games with some of the other people there, but mostly just hung out on their own. On a number of occasions, Xenoth could swear he saw Nina there only with shorter hair. He decided it was simply a figment of his imagination. When they finally finished swimming, some two hours later or so, he saw that girl once more also getting ready to leave. She wore a tank-top style swimsuit with swimming shorts. Her hair was darker than Nina's and reached just abover her shoulders. It looked rather natural and fitting for her. All in all, she was quite cute Xenoth thought. Ruri saw who Xenoth was looking at and laughed a little. "Wondering why she looks like Nina? It's Nina's younger sister, Lilith. Very sweet girl. Kindof a tomboy...but fun to hang out with" she informed him. He laughed at himself. Of course, that made sense. Xenoth shrugged and walked up to the girl. "Hi, I'm a friend of your sister's. My name's Xenoth" he said simply. She looked up quickly, surprised. A quick blush flash across her cheeks. " I'm Lilith..." she said very quietly. She was obviously a very shy girl, or at least in a swimsuit. "Excuse me" she added quickly, wrapping her towel around herself and rushing off back into the building. "Huh...ooooook" he said to himself. "She's kinda shy around new people" Ruri said, suddenly right behind him. He spun around. "What're you eavesdropping?" he joked, pushing her aside playfully. They made their way back to their respective rooms, changing into normal clothes. It was nearing the end of the day now. Xenoth and Ruri met back in the hallway between rooms. "So...what now? Dinner?" he asked. "Sure, I bet everyone else is already there" she agreed and they headed off towards the cafe.

To be continued...

[So, it seems Marcus and Nina get along...Myra seems a bit attached to Xenoth obviously. What does Ruri think about that? Well, we'll have to find out later. And now shy little Lilith has made an appearance. Heh, with Myra attached to him, Ruri seeming to be warming up to him quickly, and now another cute little girl, what should Xenoth do? Honestly, he has no clue haha.]
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