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Chapter Nine

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A week of training has passed and Xenoth has a difficult trial placed by Tetsu. A battle against something far stronger than he.

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Chapter Nine

A week has passed since Xenoth started his training with Raiku and Tetsu. Raiku has been impressed with his progress in learning control over his dark magick as well as a few handy spells. Tetsu has taken to sparring with Xenoth personally, Xenoth releasing his human form for these occasions. Tetsu hardly goes easy on him however. Two of out of three times, he ends up unconcious and in need of healing. Xenoth's progress with his scythe, however, is growing rapidly. Ruri has been helping Xenoth study, and other than lunch times he has had little time to spend with his new friends. The silver-haired boy and the blue-haired beauty walked back from the Arena, covered in sweat, dirt and grime from a hard day's training. The small, black and red rabbit rode atop Xenoth's head. "Ok...after lunch I shall test you to see your progress" Tetsu said simply. "Test me how? You've been kicking my ass for a week now. Do you plan on using a weapon now?" the boy questioned, laughing slightly. Tetsu grinned. "You'll see" he said simply before hopping down and running off, to find more carrots most likely. That's all he ever seemed to eat now. Ruri laughed a little, throwing an arm around his shoulders. "Well...this should be interesting. You know, we should go see some of the guys. I'm sure they miss us" she said with a bright smile. Xenoth returned the smile. He missed them too. Well, not Myra. She broke into his room every night anyway. Once he woke up and she was lying naked against him in bed. He keeps telling her not to do things like that, but she seems intent on not listening. Or she just doesn't care. "That's a good idea, let's go find everyone" he responded.

They found their way to the cafe, and saw that everyone was already there for lunch. He greeted each of them, dodging a flying glomp attack made by Myra. Marcus and Nina now sat next to each other, rarely ever seperated at the arm. Marcus was in the middle of a story when they arrived. " I was walking down the road...and I was suddenly attacked and knocked unconcious. I woke up naked in some warehouse somewhere. First thing I did was check for scars. Thought they might've taken my kidney or some shit. Anyway, so these girls suddenly show up, some of them sneering and others simply looking over me. I do have a sexy body after all," he paused here to smile to Nina. "And they started talking about how they were part of some weird cult that sacrifices males by having sex with them until they died from it. Naturally, I asked where the hell did I sign up as a lamb. Yeah..kinda turns out they weren't human at all...but some really really gross looking creatures. And uh..yeah they had no 'entrances'...but they had tentacles...never guess how they wanted to have sex...ahahaha. I escaped though. Believe it or not, I'm quite handy with a broadsword" he finished his story. Everyone laughed except Myra. She just rolled her eyes, more than once mentioning how "gross" Marcus was all the time. Xenoth finished laughing, shaking his head. "That sounds like quite a predicament...something you'd see in a hentai or something" he said, laughing once more. Marcus suddenly shook his head quickly. "That reminds me! I wanna throw an anime party guys. You should all come. Nina, bring your sister too. She should get to know us more so she's not so damn weird around us" the ever-joyous boy announced. Everyone chimed in with their agreements for a part, and decided it should all go down tomorrow at Marcus' place.

The rest of lunch went fairly uneventful, all of them simply chatting about nonsense. "You know, Myra I've been're always wearing a hoodie or that cat-ears hat. Why is that? Bad hair or something? You're not bald are you?!" Marcus suddenly inquired. The girl blushed a deep scarlet and stammered a little. " just l-like too w-wear it" she said quietly. It was quite obvious her answer didn't really answer anything. Marcus was about to continue his interrogation when Xenoth held and hand up and shook his head. "Come on, she doesn't wanna talk about it" he said simply. Nina looked to Marcus and shook her head as well. "You're so damn nosey sometimes...but that's ok, I still love you" she said sweetly to him. Whenever you're ready, come to the Arena. Do it soon though, you wouldn't want to disappoint Tetsu's voice announced in Xenoth's brain. 'Disappoint who?' he responded, but heard nothing more than a slight chuckle. Narrowing his eyes in mild annoyance, Xenoth decided it didn't matter. "Well, I gotta go appears I'm due for a test of the progress of my training" he said as he stood. Marcus and the others stood too suddenly. "You know, I've been wondering how this training has been going for you myself. Mind if we watch? I far all we've done in the normal classes is learn to speak telepathically to our guardians and what element we are. Haven't really gotten much further than that" Marcus said. The others nodded, hoping he'd say they could go. He shrugged. "Uh..I guess" he answered in a low voice. Answered by cheers and smiles, he turned and started heading for the arena. They all followed him. As they neared the Arena, they could here what sounded like a large crowd.

"What the hell? Half the school's here!" Ruri shouted. Marcus ripped something from the wall. "Hey guys look. 'Students, come see one of your peers fight an epic battle in the arena today, after lunch. It will be a fight to remember'. What the hell?" he said, having read the contents out loud. Xenoth groaned as he realized that's who Tetsu didn't want him to disappoint. "Tetsu..that furry little bastard" he muttered under his breath. Shrugging, he headed into the arena grounds. He turned to smile slightly at his friends. "We'll be up there, you be CAREful. You of all of us know how crazy he can be sometimes" Ruri told him. They headed off to the seating section, wanting to get a good vantage point. Xenoth proceeded to the center of the arena. The crowd grew silent. Then the whispers started. He knew what they were whispering about, but he didn't care. Tetsu awaited him in the center. "Are you ready?" he asked Xenoth. Bringing a short pole that was strapped to his side, he nodded. He held it out and the pole extended to a length of seven feet, and a four foot blade sprung out at one end to form a scythe. "I'm ready" he answered simply. Tetsu grinned that usual grin he got when he was about to do something not quite sane, and as a bunny it looked humerous. "Very well" he said, turning his back on Xenoth. Clasping his front paws together, the rabbit started chanting. A very large magick circle formed on the other side of the arena. This rose a gasp and awe from the audience as total silence fell once more. The chanting finished and the gate opened on the floor. Immediately, the energy felt coming from the other side was evil to Xenoth. As a figure started appearing, he groaned in obvious dislike for what he saw. A massive beast rose from the magick circle. A black dragon by the looks of it. It was forty feet long, and standing on all fours reached about eighteen feet high. Riding atop it was a black knight carrying a wickedly curved blade. Behind the helmet, blazing fire orbs peered as eyes through the visor.

Tetsu walked away, obviously pleased with himself. "I can't really control this one at my current power level, so be careful" he parted with words of caution. Xenoth stared after him in disbelief. "Tetsu are you crazy?! Putting him against a Dark Rider after only a week!!" Raiku and Ruri both shouted. The rabbit ignored them completely however, and left the arena, the heavy stone doors slamming shut behind him. The rider glanced around the crowd, and a few people cried out in fear. The dragon shot forth a ball of fire towards a section of the stands, but it exploded harmlessly off the invisible barrier meant to guard spectaters from stray spells. Xenoth sighed, wondering if he would live long or not. Back in the stands, Ruri and the others exchanged worried looks. They suddenly heard the other students making bets on whether or not he lives, and for how long. With a look of disgust, Ruri simply looked away. Myra watched with wide, frightened eyes. Xenoth was forming a large ball of dark energy in his left palm. He condensed it into a smaller form, making it far more volatile now. The Dark Rider turned to watch him with humor as he felt the energy source. The dragon he rode atop started charging across the dirt. Xenoth hurled the ball of energy straight into the face of the dragon, but it hardly even phased it, merely getting a snarl from the beast. You'll have to hit it with alot harder magick than that Tetsu warned him. Xenoth darted forward, both hands on the haft of the scythe, the weapon held out to his right ready for an attack. 'I should go for the rider' he thought to himself. He moved much, much more quickly than he had a week ago. His training had certainly paid off. As he and the terrifying duo neared one another, the dragon snapped forward with it's jaws. Xenoth rolled to the side and back to his feet without slowing in the least, bringing the scythe around his body in a spinning motion to slice the ankle of the dragon's left front leg. The dragon roared and stumbled. Without missing a beat, the boy ran up the hind leg of the dragon and kicked off, launching himself up towards the waiting rider. He landed with his scythe coming straight down overhead towards the knight.

The heavily armored creature raised his blood-red blade in time to defend, blocking the scythe on the haft, just below the blade. Xenoth adjusted his grip and yanked, trying to pry the weapon from the knight's hands. But the dark being had shocking strength as he yanked back, pulling Xenoth forward to meet an iron fist to the face. The hit sent him through the air, towards the back of the dragon. As he fell, he heard a swooshing sound and caught sight of the dragon's tail right as it collided with his mid-section. Ruri and Myra cried out as Xenoth's body was tossed aside by the collision and into a stone wall. He spit up blood as he stood. Now his back was to a wall and he didn't like that. The dragon was already charging again. He saw the beast coiling it's long slender neck for another bite attack, much like a snake. He swung his scythe straight upward, blade pointing behind him, and stuck it in the wall. He swung himself upward just in time, the beast's nose smashing into the wall where he stood just a second before. The force of the hit dizzied the dragon and Xenoth braced himself against the wall, still holding his lodged scythe, and shoved off. The weapon came loose and the boy vaulted once more to the waiting knight. In mid air, he did a quick chant and two black javelins made of shadow appeared in front of him, floating, before firing off at the rider. The knight deflected both javelins in time, but Xenoth's blade found it's mark along its chest. The armor it wore absorbed much of the blow, but still blood of black spurted. Cheers could be heard, but to Xenoth they weren't even there. The knight shook with rage, hardly close to being finished. They traded blows, neither landed a single hit as a flurry of attacks from either side made the air hum with the ringing of metal-upon-metal. Xenoth flourished with many spins and attack variations, his attacks surpringly diverse and unpredictable with the long weapon he wielded. The knight started to lose ground in the battle as he couldn't keep up with the momentum of the spinning weapon.

Xenoth attacked with a downward slash and this time the knight caught the nook between the blade and haft with the hilt-guard of his sword. Before Xenoth could break free, a armored palm was placed against his chest and a blast of heat and fire sent him vaulting through the air. He managed to flip himself and land on one foot and one knee. He slid a good twenty yards before he stopped, a trail of dirt and dust rising from his path. He looked down, his chest being burnt but mostly bruised from the blast. His shirt was in ruins. He pulled the rest of it off. Ruri and Myra both were surprised at the muscle definition the boy now had from his training. The dragon had regained most of its composure now and snarled in anger at Xenoth. The boy grinned, starting to enjoy this battle. Tetsu could see this and grinned as well. Let your blood boil with the thrill of battle...let it take you he thought to him. Xenoth either hadn't heard, or just simply ignored Tetsu because no reply or feeling of understanding came from the other end. The boy took the initiative once more. He stuck his scythe in the dirt and held his hands out to either side, mumbling a quick chant. Two orbs of black energy formed in either hand. A string of energy connected the two and he spun, hurling the object towards the dragon. The beast tried to move, but its size kept it from escaping. The line of energy caught it's foreleg and the orbs twisted around that same leg until they collided together with the flesh. A large explosion flipped the creature slightly into the air, a roar of agony sweeping the Arena. When the hell did you learn that? I've never heard of it Tetsu inquired, sounding impressed. 'I just thought of it...sorta used one spell and altered it a bit' Xenoth responded as he gave no rest for the beast. He reached the dragon before it had the chance to recover entirely. His blade was held in the air, poised to slice down across the throat of the beast. A searing pain shot across his back however and he fell to the ground, rolling forward. He got back to his feet, but gritted his teeth at the pain in his back. He reached to feel the area, and warm blood met his fingertips.

The knight swung his blade, clearing the blood from it. The boy groaned in pain, Ruri and the others wincing for him in the stands. Though the cut wasn't deep, it stung badly. "Damnit, I got careless" he said to himself. The knight started glowing a strange blue glow. The flames that were it's eyes changed from red to blue. Apparently it was angry at its pet being injured. The dragon tried to stand behind the knight, but the leg Xenoth's attack had caught was mangled and wouldn't support it. It roared in defiance, shooting a weak fireball at the boy. He sliced it in half with an upward movement of his scythe, the fire vanishing behind him. The knight charged, moving far more quickly than Xenoth thought it would. A horizontal slash to Xenoth's midsection was blocked barely and the boy slid backwards from the force. The knight wasted little time in following up. Xenoth dodged and parried repeatedly, but he was being put against the wall. He couldn't allow that again, remembering what happened in the fight with the living armor a week ago. An attack slipped through and sliced Xenoth's shoulder. He grunted, but kept up his defense. Another slash caught his thigh and he stumbled slightly. The rider jumped at the oppurtunity, literally. As Xenoth worked to regain his balance, the knight had leapt high into the air, sword held overhead. Xenoth managed to bring his weapon to block the attack in time, but his scythe was forced to the ground. A solid metal fist slammed hard into his gut, doubling him over. He could feel the energy being channeled, but being winded he could do nothing about it. A blast sent him forty feet straight up into the air. Then, the knight launched fireball after fireball at the boy, sending him higher and higher. Eventually, he slammed into the invisible barrier and started falling back to earth, unconcious. A whimper came from both Myra and Ruri as they shouted out for them to stop. But the crowd's cheers were too loud.

Xenoth fell, seeming to take forever to reach the ground. The knight had spun his sword and braced it into the dirt, waiting for the boy to fall upon it and impale himself. Awaken an unfamiliar voice told him. Awaken NOW it shouted. Xenoth's eyes flew open, having turned completely black. A flash of light burst outward, seemingly from him. When it dimmed and everyone's vision returned black feathers fell about the arena everywhere. Xenoth hovered high above the ground, large, black and feathered wings protruding from his back. His friends stared in awe, not sure what to think but unable to look away from the amazing spectacle. Tetsu was in schock as well. "It can't be..." he muttered. Xenoth glanced downward at his enemies and held a palm forward. He muttered something and a dark spire burst forth from his hand, aimed at the area between the knight and the dragon. It spiraled downward, creating a vortex that pulled both creatures to it's very center before detonating with tremendous power. Those around could FEEL the magick barrier shatter and the force knocked the breath out of some. When the dust settled, a crater had replaced the center of the arena. Xenoth's form floated downward before the wings retracted into his back and his conciousness faded once more. He fell the remaining ten feet to the ground. Murmers went through the crowd, all of them trying to figure out what happened, not knowing how to feel. Tetsu and the others ran through the doors and collected the limp figure. Marcus and Ruri carried him out of the arena. "He needs some real rest. Let's take him to grandfather's house" Ruri said. They carried him to the old man's house which wasn't far. Raiku complained the whole way. "Why my house?" he asked repeatedly. Ruri just answered that it would be easier to take care of him. The reached the place, and Xenoth was put onto the couch. His head burnt with a slight fever. "He's overheated..he needs to be cooled off. He used far too much energy far too fast. I never thought I'd see this again" Raiku started. Tetsu sighed next to him. "Me neither" he agreed. Ruri and the others glanced back and forth. "Ok, what's going on?" she asked.

To be continued...

[Oh snaps! Is Xenoth an angel or something? Haha, nah, but there is something different about him. Find out what that is next chapter!!]
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