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The Power of Truth

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Once again, Luna killing Ron.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything but this idea specific idea to brutally murder one Ronald Billius Weasly.

Luna POV:

"Okay, now, we're not gonna send you to jail, fine you or anything else. We just want to know how it happened," the judge said. 'I guess it wouldn't hurt,' I think to myself. "Okay, here is how it happened...


A girl walks into the library, dragging along a certain redheaded ass hole. I look on with interest. I have planned this perfectly, and now it will pay off. As planned, Ron sneaks away from Hermione as soon as she gets absorbed into that book like the know-it-all she is. Of course, if she hadn't, I wouldn't even have a chance at success. As he rounds the corner, I hit him over the head with part of my Quibbler collection. He gets knocked out.

That's the power of truth.

Ron later wakes up in an abandoned room. He is tied up, and I begin. I start with branding some runes into his skin, and they say stuff along the lines of 'faggot' and such. I then pull out a rusty spoon. I gouge out his eyes and quickly cast "consisto crudus" to stop the bleeding. To finish him off, I skin him alive. Once he is dead, I cast the cleaning spell to clear the blood. I use incendio to burn the body and other evidence. Of course, with my luck, stupid Granger decides to walk in as his body is burning.


"And that's what happened." I say. The judge doesn't have anything to say.

That's the power of truth.


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