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Chapter 41

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“Hey come on!” I heard Joe whisper to me. I opened my eyes a little and it was still dark. “Joe its still sleep time.” I mumbled. “I really want to show you something, so get up, get dressed, and meet me outside.” he kissed my forehead and went away. I wanted to fall right back to sleep but Joe talked like this was really important. I got up slowly and got dressed slowly. I stumbled downstairs(almost falling a few times) and opened the front door
“What is it Joe?” I asked shutting the front door behind me. “Take a walk with me.” he held out his hand. “A walk at three-o-clock in the morning?” I looked at him. “Not just a walk. We have to walk in order to get to what I want to show you.” he smiled and grabbed my hand. “I honestly can’t believe you’re talking me into this.” I shook my head but let him drag me along.
We walked for a while and then Joe took me down a dark alley. “Joe it’s a dead end.” I said. “No its not, check this out.” he pulled off a couple planks of wood and helped me through. “I don’t know whether to be impressed that you know that or slightly weirded out…” I mumbled. “Be impressed.” he laughed.
“Are you sure that you know where you’re going?” I asked. “Ya just come on.” he kept smiling. We had walked for quite a while and my feet were getting tired. “Are we there?” I asked. “Actually yes.” he said pointing to a large hill. “We just have to get on that hill.” he pulled my hand. “A hill…” I groaned. “Just come on. It’s worth it, I promise.” he gave my hand a squeeze.
We finally got to the top and when I looked out I was amazed. I was lost of words. The sun was slowly rising over the ocean. “Joe…its…” I gasped. “Beautiful isn’t it?” he sat down on the soft grass. “Yes…” I said and sat beside him. “How do you know about this place?” I asked. “I got mad at my brothers one day and decided to take a walk to cool off and I just kinda ended up here.” he shrugged. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” I was still so amazed. “I know. Its truly amazing and no one else knows about it.” he stared out at the sunrise. “No one?” I questioned. “Nope. I was waiting for the right time and person to show something this amazing to.” he smiled at me.
Joe and I sat there and watched the sunrise. We talked some but mostly we just sat there with my head on his shoulder and our hands together. At last the sun was above the ocean and that’s when reality hit. “Uh-oh…” Joe mumbled standing up quickly. “What?” I raised an eyebrow. “I don’t have my cell phone and I’m sure that everyone is freaking about where we are.” he pulled me up. “That’s not good…” I said and then we took off running towards home.
We opened the door and there Denise and Paul were pacing and worried and Paul with a phone in his hand. He looked at us, “Never mind officer it seems that they have just come home.” Paul hung up. “Oh Joseph! Aubrey!” Denise squeezed us into a hug. “I thought, oh you don’t want to know what I thought had happened to you guys!” she was crying. “Where were you two?” Paul asked in a serious tone. “I-I had taken Aubrey out to show her something and forgot my cell phone.” Joe winced. “Joseph Adam Jonas you know better than to just take off with a girl in the middle of the night and not leave a note, take your cell phone, or inform us in anyway!” Paul was a little angry.
“I know…I wasn’t thinking and I’m really sorry…” he held his head low. “Paul it was my fault. I had hurried him to show me the surprise so much that he didn’t have a chance to get his cell or write a note.” I spoke. Joe looked at me with a questioning look. “Oh…well you should’ve known better too.” Paul turned his eyes to me. Denise looked at me for a moment, “Oh Paul you remember how we were when we were younger and you also know that girls can be pushy.” she said softening him a little. “Aubrey, Joe just don’t ever do that again. I just couldn’t stand the thought of either one of you being hurt or worse.” Paul nodded and walked away.
Joe headed over to the couch but Denise held me back. “Nice little save there.” she smiled at me. “Huh?” I asked. “Honey you may be able to make your face seem serious but your eyes had lie written all over them.” she patted my back. “I didn’t want Joe to get in to much trouble.” I shrugged. “Its alright. I wont tell…I still remember when Paul and I were first together, so I’ll give you a break.” she smiled. “Thanks!” I hugged her. “But only this time.” she warned. “Gotcha.” I nodded.
“I cant believe you pulled that one off.” Joe said as I sat down next to him. “I know. You should thank your mom though. She knew I was lying and still let us get off the hook.” I sighed out. “Really? Wow.” he said. “I love you Mommy!” Joe shouted from the couch. I heard her lightly chuckle.
Finally everyone else woke up. “You guys are already up?” Brooke asked. “Ya we got up pretty early this morning.” Joe nodded. “Why?” Kevin flopped down on the recliner. “Uh…” Joe thought for a moment. “We wanted to go for a walk.” I cut in. “Once again, why?” Kevin stared blankly at us. “Because we just wanted to.” Joe said. “You guys are such liars! I heard the yelling this morning.” Nick started laughing. “Shut it Nick.” Joe warned him. “Oh you guys left and forgot to tell mom and dad where you were didn’t you?” Kevin asked. “How did you know that?” I furrowed my brow. “It’s happened to me like a billion times.” he shrugged. Kevin really surprises me sometimes…
Chelcie’s phone began ringing. “Hello?…Oh hey Taylor…You’re home now…Awesome…Ya I’ll talk to you in a bit.” she hung up. “You guys know my ex Taylor Lautner, well he’s home now from filming so I said we would meet him at the mall.” Chelcie smiled at us. We all shrugged and headed to the mall.
“Oh there he is!” Chelcie pointed to him standing by the door. “Hey Chelce!” Taylor pulled her into a hug. I could see Nick tense up, this wasn’t going to be a good day…
“So how are you?” he asked. “Oh I’m fine.” she said. Brooke coughed loudly. “Oh ya! These are my friends Brooke, Aubrey, Joe, and Kevin and this is my boyfriend Nick.” she pointed to each of us. “You guys are the Jonas Brothers! I really like that new song Burning Up.” he nodded. “Well you’re Shark Boy so that’s just awesome!” Joe said. Taylor laughed but then turned his eyes back to Chelce.
“So are we just going to stand here or shop?” Brooke cut in. “Let’s shop…” I spoke. We walked around for a while and it was a little odd. Joe was extremely interested in “Shark Boy” but not Taylor Lautner and Nick was even more quiet than his usual.
“Are you guys hungry?” Kevin asked. “Ya I could eat.” I shrugged. We went over to the food court and ordered. Taylor sat a little too close to Chelcie and so Nick had to sit even closer. “So how long have you two been together?” Taylor said aiming at Nick. “For about a month.” Nick wrapped his arm around Chelcie. “Cool. How about you all. You guys all together?” he asked turning his attention to us. “Ya Kevin and I have been together for…” Brooke began thinking. “About five months.” Kevin spoke. “Wow…” Taylor looked surprised. “Joe and I have only been together for a few weeks.” I mumbled. When I thought about it I had been in love with Joe for about three and a half years, counting my fan years.
“Excuse me.” Taylor said and left the table. “Chelce isn’t this a little awkward…I mean he’s your ex.” Kevin said. “Oh no. Taylor and I are still really good friends.” she nodded. “Ok that’s cool.” Kev shrugged. Taylor came back.


I already couldn’t stand Taylor. He was hitting on Chelcie and she had no idea! I can’t believe that she excepted to go shopping with him. He sat back down even closer to her. I tensed up. Chelcie looked at me for a moment but I smiled and she turned away and began talking. Taylor was eyeing her and sitting way to close to her.
“So Taylor how was filming Twilight?” Aubrey asked. “Oh it was great. I really had a fun time with the cast.” he nodded. “Awesome. I know that I loved the book.” Aubrey smiled. “Ya I read some of it. Mostly just the parts about Jacob because I wanted to get into my character.” Taylor said. When he spoke it was like poison to my ears. “Well I hope you did a good job or be expecting a call from me.” Aubrey joked and made everyone laugh. “Ok I will.” he smirked.


We shopped for a little while longer and I could tell that the longer we were there the more jealous Nick got. “Can we go home now?” Joe whined. He was beginning to get bored with Taylor. “Ya Joe’s right we should probably get going.” Nick said. “Alright.” Chelcie shrugged. “I guess I will see you guys later then.” Taylor waved. “Huh?” the boys all tilted their heads. “Since I just live up the street…” Taylor rolled his eyes. “Oh…” Nick mumbled.
“So what did you guys think of Taylor?” Chelcie asked once we were in the car. “He was cool.” Kevin shrugged. “Good, because I invited him over tomorrow.” she just smiled. This was getting worse by the minute.
Finally we got home. The rest of the evening was odd. I could tell that Nick was still upset since you could see it all over his face. We were all careful about our words, since we didn’t want to upset Chelcie. All she seemed to want to talk about was Taylor this and Taylor that. I have to say it was getting annoying.


Thank god night time came and everyone went to bed. I was getting so sick of having to here about how wonderful Taylor is. “You ok?” my mom sat down next to me. “Ya Mom I’m fine.” I mumbled. “No you’re not…” she looked at me. “Chelcie’s ex, Taylor Lautner, came home today.” I sighed. “What happened?” she asked. “Chelcie had us all go to the mall with him and he’s coming over tomorrow.” I sighed again. “Oh…I see…” Mom paused. “So you’re jealous?” she asked. “No…yes…Chelcie went on and on about how great he was and how she was glad they were still friends all day long!” I put my head in my hands. Mom thought for a moment, choosing her words. “Nick if Chelcie really loves you, like I think she does, then she won’t give Taylor a second chance.” she hugged me. “Ya I guess you’re right.” I shrugged.
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