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Chapter 40

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“Guess what guess what!” I heard Joe’s voice. I opened my eyes and he was standing on my bed. “What?” I mumbled. “In two weeks we’re going touring together! WOO!” he bounced. “Really? Only two more weeks?” I said. I really didn’t think that it was that close. “Yep!” he grinned brightly. Only two weeks! “That’s awesome!” I smiled. “I know!” he bounced again.
“Ok Joe quit bouncing you’re going to fall.” I tried warning him. “I’m not going to f-” and he fell with a loud THUMP. “I tried warning you but no don’t listen to Aubrey.” I laughed. “Ow…” he breathed. “You ok?” I asked getting off the bed. “No I need you to kiss my boo-boos.” he stuck out his bottom lip. “Ok where are you hurt?” I rolled my eyes. He pointed to his arm, I kissed it. He pointed to his shoulder, I kissed it. He pointed to his lips, “Your lips Joe! You didn’t even hit your lips!” I laughed. “You don’t know that! You were to busy laughing!” he pointed to his lips again. “Fine.” I laughed and kissed him. “Ok I’m better now!” he jumped up.
“I heard a really loud thump and I was wondering if you guys were ok?” Nick said opening my door. “Joe insisted on jumping on my bed and he fell off.” I said. “Oh. Nice one Danger.” Nick patted Joe’s shoulder. “Well I have to live up to my nickname.” Joe smiled. “Believe me Joe, you have no problems with living up to you nickname.” Nick laughed and left my room.
We went downstairs and Brooke was standing over by the stove. “Ok you guys tell me what you think?” she sat food on the table. We all took bites, “Holy crap Brooke! Those classes were definitely good!” I laughed. “You got that right!” Kevin nodded. “Really?” Brooke asked eagerly. “Cha!” Joe nodded. Chelcie grabbed herself a plate and filled it. “Oh don’t get the rest of us plates!” Nick said. “Here you go.” she handed Nick a plate. “Psh don’t get us plates.” I said sarcastically. “Ok.” she shrugged and sat down. “I was being sarcastic!” I said. “I know.” she laughed.
“You fixed breakfast?” Denise said walking into the kitchen, along with Paul. “Yep.” Brooke smiled, proud of her work. “How come you boys never fixed breakfast?” Denise asked. “Honestly I really don’t think that it would’ve ever been a good idea for us to cook very much.” Kevin laughed. “Brooke you have a definite talent for cooking!” Paul said taking a bite from his plate. “Thanks!” Brooke smiled.
After the amazing breakfast we all played some Guitar Hero. “Hey you guys I just realized that in two weeks we’ll all go touring.” Chelcie said looking away from her book. “I know. Joe told me this morning…” I held in a laugh. “I cant wait! It’s going to be great!” Chelcie spoke. “I can’t believe we’re all going to be touring together, I mean its gonna be awesome.” Kevin said as he played. “What if we all get really sick of each other and realize that touring together was a bad idea?” I asked. They all glared at me. “What? It could happen.” I shrugged. “No it couldn’t happen Ms. Negative.” Brooke hit my shoulder. “Ow! Violence is not the solution to your problems Brooke!” I laughed. “You’re such a dork!” she began laughing.
“Boys there is a girl at the door asking for you.” Paul walked into the game room. “Ok.” the boys said. We watched as the boys opened the door. Screams erupted. “This really is where the Jonas Brothers live!” the girl squealed out. “Uh-oh.” I said. Brooke, Chelcie, and I walked over to the window. “Can I have an autograph?” she held out a poster to them. “Sure.” the boys signed it. “I don’t know how to thank you! I just love you guys SO much!” she rambled on for a couple minutes. “Well we have to go but thank you so much for being a fan and we really appreciate it!” Kevin said as they all hugged her. “Ok bye!” she grinned and then walked away.
“Fans know where you live!” Chelcie’s mouth dropped. “Some do. If they live near us or someone leaked it.” Nick laughed. “Aren’t you worried that by tomorrow every girl in the world will know where you live?” I asked. “Nah. Most fans keep it quiet.” Kevin said. “Really?” Brooke tilted her head. “Surprisingly yes. I guess they just want it to themselves.” Joe shrugged. “Greedy fans…” Brooke mumbled. “Ya because you were never an obsessive, greedy fan.” I shook my head at her. “I wasn’t that bad.” she said. “Psh! Whatever.” I rolled my eyes.


The day went on, us doing pretty much nothing. The only huge bonus was that Nick had held my hand almost the whole day. I couldn’t help how happy I was with him. I had never felt this way about anyone. I know that I haven’t known Nick for very long and I am only sixteen but I really think that I might love him.
Kevin and Brooke were the first to go to bed, typical. Brooke always said that they were just tired but I think that they went to bed early so they could make out in private. Ha-ha! Aubrey and Joe went to bed next, but at least they looked tired! Leaving Nick and me alone.
“So have you been having fun with us?” Nick asked me. “Ya its been wonderful.” I smiled as I edged closer to him. “So uh Nick, the other night when you said that you loved me…were you being serious?” I asked. His cheeks turned pink, “Only if you were being serious.” he smiled weakly. I thought for a moment and this time there was no doubt when I spoke, no quiver, no uncertainty, this time I was for sure, “Nick I was serious. I really do love you.” my cheeks went scarlet when his hand touched them. “I’m so happy that you love me because I love you so much.” he smiled and then planted a short, sweet kiss on my lips.
Nick intertwined his fingers with mine and stared into my eyes. I couldn’t help but loose myself in his chocolate eyes, they were just so dreamy. He leaned into me and kissed me more passionately than before. There was a part of me that said, slow down, but then another part that said, man he’s a good kisser! He pulled away, “I’m sorry if I moved to fast.” he mumbled. “No Nick you didn’t move to fast.” I smiled and started kissing him again. We kissed for a while and then snuggled up together on the couch, me in his arms and him in mine.


They teased us when we went to bed earlier than usual, but we didn’t care and we stuck to our story about being tired. “They never get enough of teasing us do they?” Kevin asked once we were in my room. “Nope and I doubt that they ever will.” I laughed. “So can I kiss the cook?” he grinned at me. “Honestly, I think you know the answer.” I laughed and he kissed me. Ok so the others might have been right about us just coming up here to kiss and Kevin say sappy things to me, but I wasn’t going to tell them that anytime soon.
Kevin pulled away, “I was thinking…” he started. “What about?” I asked. “Well I kind of have a question for you…” his voice got softer. “What is it?” I tilted my head. “I bought this present for you.” he pulled a ring out of his pocket. It was beautiful, it had Promise written on it and then small emeralds around the rest of the band. “Would you take this promise ring?” he held his head down. “K-K-Kevin I-Of course!” I hugged him. “Awesome…” he smiled and slip the ring around my finger.
I couldn’t believe that I was now promised to Kevin Jonas, the Kevin Jonas. I was so happy I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. “Kevin I cant believe you got this for me!” I said excitedly. “Well I actually got it after you told me that you wanted to marry me in the future, but I was to scared to give it to you.” he laughed nervously. “Oh Kevy you could’ve asked me if I wanted a dust bunny you got for me and I would’ve said yes.” I laughed. “Really?” he asked. “Well maybe not a dust bunny, but you get the point.” I shrugged. “Ya I get the point.” he smiled and kissed me.
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