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Chapter 5

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Jason in the bar?

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Chapter Five

When Ashley arrived behind the gym the next day for her usual cigarette, she wasn't surprised to find Milo leaning against the wall. He smirked at her; she glared at him. Although he was a good-looking young man, he bothered her. Something about him just didn't feel right. She stood at the building's corner as long as politely possible before she walked over to Milo.
Milo caught the glare aimed at him and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. He pulled out a few bills and flashed them at her as soon as he was sure that she could see what the currency was worth. Benjamin Franklin's face was met with a widespread grin from the blonde.
"So, what can I do for you...?" She slowly dropped to her knees before him.
He smirked, leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Die..." With that he wrenched her head back and reached into his back pocket for a vial. He held it before her gaze and swirled around the faint yellow liquid. "Do you know what this is?" He chuckled and pulled out the stopper with his teeth. He held it before her again and clamped his hand over her mouth to stifle a scream.
Her eyes went wide as her mind placed the scents familiarity; ammonia. She squirmed in his grip, trying desperately to escape the odor, which was making her eyes water. He chuckled as her pried her mouth open and poured the chemical in. When he was sure the vial was empty, he released her and stood back to watch.
She glared at him for a moment before her eyes shot wide opened. She made a slight gagging noise and fell to the ground. She looked up at him pleadingly, her lips starting to tinge blue. He chuckled as she tried futilely to crawl away. He walked up and pressed his boot to her back, as a hunter would his trophy. She squirmed and he stomped down hard, receiving a sick, cracking sound from her back. A look of shock crossed her face and then she was still.
He stood over her, cackling manically. A slight sound behind him drew his attention to the building behind him. He turned to see Jason's white face.
"Did you just...? What the hell are you!?!" He stared at Milo with sheer terror.
"Let's just keep this between you and me, huh Jason? We wouldn't want them to find you out here, now would we? She was nothing more than a slut, with little to no compassion for her fellow man. She needed to be relieved of this life. Maybe she'll make better choices in the after life." He chuckled and took a step toward the other boy.
Jason took and involuntary step back. "You won't get away with this. They'll find the body!"
Milo's face became stern. "Jason, I suggest you leave now and forget what you've seen. I can assure you that it would be better for both of us in the long run." He took another step forward, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Jason turned and ran, hearing only the echoing laughter of Milo.

Later that evening Milo sat in his living room watching TV when the phone rang.
"Hello, my name is Kyle Martian and I'm calling from State of Arizona's Office of Alternative Child Placement. I'm looking for Milo Anderson."
"This is Milo, how can I help you?" His voice was cold, level.
"Oh. Well, I'm calling to schedule a meeting with your resident guardian for more appropriate placement for you." His voice was nervous.
"There is no resident guardian. I live alone. Good-bye." Milo hung up the receiver and dropped down into the nearest chair. He hadn't expected to get that call for another two weeks; enough time to come up with a story. He sighed and went up stairs.
"It's gonna be a long night..." He changed his clothes, dawning a suitable disguise for his destination. He left the house, slamming the door behind him.
As he neared the club, he could feel the base beneath his feet. He smirked as he slipped past the bouncer, who gave a nearly imperceptible nod of his head. He walked over to his usual stool at the bar and waited for the bar tender to acknowledge him.
He placed his order and turned to observe the other occupants of the bar. His gaze scanned the dancers as he mulled over the idea of claiming one of them for the night. He smirked when a familiar face floated through the crowd. Who could have guessed that he would make an appearance in a place like this?
Milo smiled as he turned to receive his drink. He sipped it thoughtfully, paid and then turned back to the dancers. His gaze sought out the familiar face again and he smiled. He set his empty glass on the bar and stepped out onto the floor. He made a direct path to the boy who seemed lost in the sea of bodies.
Milo slid behind him and started a smooth rhythm to the music. The boy willingly moved with him until the music ended. He tried to turn to face Milo, who slipped away into the crowd. He smiled to himself as he watched the boy's puzzled face scan those nearest him.
As the next song started, Milo again slid up to the boy. He ground his body against the others' to the music rhythm. The boy laid his head back on Milo's shoulder and Milo laid a soft kiss on his lips. He turned his face away quickly before the boy could identify him. When the song ended he tried to slip away to the bar but was held back. He turned to see the boy clutching his hand.
Milo smirked, tugged his hand away and walked back to the bar. He was immediately joined by the boy and was forced to stay turned away.
"Who are you?" The voice was gentle, despite the volume it had to achieve to be heard over the music. Milo snuck a glace over his shoulder at the boy's face. Usually narrowed eyes were wide with curiosity as the boy leaned closer to Milo.
Milo smirked, "Anderson... and you're Jason..." He smiled as a gasp escaped the other. He then stood and headed for the door. He glanced back at the astonished boy and then left.
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