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Chapter 4

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Holy Crap...I Updated!! Sorry it to me ages! ***ok and something I didn't mention before Nicole's band is named A.M.T also for some reason I didn't notice till just now I changed the main charac...

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“Ok, guys here’s the deal… we have got some grief from another band that was up for A.M.T’s spot on this tour. To put it in nice terms have made some threats… I want you guys to stay in groups, and don’t talk to the media about any of this. Panic, your sound check is in half an hr. Please don’t be late.” Mick informed us. We all kinda just sat in shock at this. Someone made threats against us? All of us or just A.M.T?

We were all really confused because nobody would tell us anything but we stayed in groups an didn’t talk to the media and it all seemed to die down. Pretty soon we all just started doing normal things and then it happened…the unthinkable.

“Hey, I really need that scarf my look will be totally wrong if I don’t have it please will somebody please go get it? Whined Brendon.

“Oh, man come on Brendon deal with it…” said Mick
Please someone I can’t leave the concert is gonna start in like five” he begged

“Yeah, I’ll go Brendon” Nicole volunteered as she started towards the tour busses.

As I reached the busses I was a little out of breath but I got on and grabbed the scarf off Brendon’s bunk and started heading back to the stage area. As I was running I heard food steps behind me and thinking it was just security I turned around and suddenly I was falling to the ground and getting jumped on, by two guys and there was a girl with a video camera. I struggled but one of they guys had me pinned to the ground. I was trying to scream but they shoved some cloth in my mouth and tape over my mouth, I kept struggling even after they taped my wrists together and picked me up and placed me in the trunk of a nearby car…..ugh this couldn’t be happening.

Darkness all around me my wrists were taped together along with my ankles I kept trying to scream not that it would do any good I was in a moving car. I was exhausted from screaming and crying and at some point cried my self in to a fitful sleep.

Suddenly I slid forward. to a stop against the trunk. Ugh….is all I thought. The trunk flew open and the three of them looked in on me. The two boys grabbed me each at one end and carried me in to a dingy looking house. I was taken in to a room with just a bed; they set me down on it and cut off the tape. It was my chance, when they were looking away I split out of that room so fast. I was trying to find my way out of the hallway when I started falling backwards one of the boys had grabbed my shirt and was pulling me down. My head smacked against the floor I cried out in pain as he kicked me in the stomach and started yelling that I was theirs now and I better get used to it. I curled up in a ball to protect my self from his blows willing him to stop, slowly darkness over took me.
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