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Chapter 3

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Here we go again

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Authors Note: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update. I got a major flu and then had finals and Christmas. I am also sorry it is so short if anyone has any requets I would be open so just drop them in the review section, 'cause I have major writers block. Thanks L

"You are so not serious.... no, Lizzie couldn't be stripping." Ryan gasped in mock horror. As we got the morning coffee from a Star Bucks that was just a few blocks away from the venue in Denver. I had started telling Ryan some local news, not that I knew much since I had been away at college but I knew a little more than him (I had better contacts)

"Yeah she is, Ian told me about it the other day when he saw her." I told him. Ryan and I were trying to catch up on the months that we hadn't talked, we needed to get to know each other again.

"At the strip club?" Asked Ryan with a chuckle

"Duh it's Ian" I said as I took a sip of my piping hot coffee and burnt my tongue.

"Oh shit" I choked out.

"Coffee's hot" Ryan then informed me.

"Thanks Captain" I said as I fanned my tongue.

We, my band and I had been on tour with Panic for about a month now and we were loving it. It was totally different from my previous experience on tour, this time I had stuff that I had to do like sound checks, rehearsals, costume fittings, and meet and greets oh and of course the concerts. Let me tell you it was a blast. I like not just being a girlfriend but also a band member I was important now in the eyes of the suits.

"NNNNNIIIIIIICCCCCCOOOOOOLLLLLLEEEEEE" is what greeted us when we walked back to the buses, Aid was screaming with his entire mite.

"What the crap is wrong with you?" I asked back in a quieter tone.

"Morning" he said briskly as he took his coffee out of the carton and walked back on to the bus.

"Oh my gosh, that kid never quits if he were a girl he and Brendon would be
perfect for each other." I cracked up as we clamored on to the bus, where we were promptly attacked by the rest of the two bands for their morning coffee.

Mick, the manage for both of the bands walked on to the bus with a very odd look on his face, as Ryan an I sat down It was strange for Mick to be so serious 'cause Mick can make anyone laugh, even those guards that guard Buckingham Palace, he could do it I swear to God. But today something was wrong.
"You guys we have a problem." He announced very solemnly

"What?" We all asked in unison

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