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Chapter 45

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On The Road Again...

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The rest of the week passed slowly since we were all waiting for Friday when we would finally leave to go on tour. At last Friday morning came.
“Come on you guys get up.” Paul shouted from downstairs. I glanced over at the red numbers on the clock, 3:02. I groaned a little but got up. Joe stayed sound asleep but I just continued my routine. I got dressed, put on makeup, brushed my hair, and straightened my bangs. This all took me about forty minutes. “Ok I’m ready.” I said coming downstairs with two suitcases packed full. “Is that all your stuff?” Brooke said huffing as she came down with bags, suitcases, and boxes full of things. “No, I have one more suitcase.” I said holding back a laugh.
“Joseph are you up?” Denise shouted up the stairway. “I am now!” he shouted back. Denise mumbled something and then went on with getting ready. I walked into the kitchen and Kevin was up and already gulping down coffee. “Good morning.” he smiled at me. “Good morning. How much coffee have you had?” I asked grabbing a cup for myself. “Lost count.” he shrugged. “Kevin help!” I heard Brooke huffing. “On my way.” Kevin walked away.
“I’m so excited!” Chelcie bounded into the kitchen and hugged me. “I am too.” I laughed. We seen the bus pull up in the driveway. I looked out the window. “It has my name on it too!” I squealed loudly. Joe walked in dressed and seemingly ready.
“Hey guys!” a man I recognized walked in followed by two more I recognized. “Hey Garbo.” Joe did this little handshake thing with him. “Hi!” I smiled walking up to them. “You must either be Aubrey, Brooke, or Chelcie.” Garbo shook my hand. “I’m Aubrey. Brooke is the one bringing down all of her stuff and Chelcie is the one running around telling everyone how excited she is.” I laughed. “Cool.” he nodded. “Hey Garbo would you mind helping me with some of these cases.” Paul said. “No, not at all.” Garbo left me as did John and Jack.
Everyone was putting all their stuff in the bus. “Joe where’s your stuff?” Denise asked. “Oops…I didn’t pack it.” he bit his lips. “Joseph Adam Jonas!” Denise made an angry face. “Just kidding Mom. It’s already in the bus.” he grinned and walked away. She rolled her eyes. I glanced over at the clock and it was 5:00 exactly. “Are you guys ready to go?” Paul asked. “Yep.” we all nodded and walked out to the tour buses. Frankie was bouncing off the walls, he was so happy.
The two buses started up. The family bus and then the other bus. “Ok guys tomorrow we have our first concert, but first we have two radio interviews.” Paul went over our schedule and we all nodded. For the first few hours that was all we talked about was the concerts and interviews.
We ate lunch and then we had some free time. “On road again…” Chelcie started to sing. I threw a pillow at her, “Ow!” she yelped and threw it back at me. We messed around for quite a while. It was just like a few months back for Brooke and I but for Chelcie it was new and she was obviously enjoying it. At long last it was night and we decided to go to sleep early so that we could get a good start to this tour.
We all fought over and then finally chose out bunks. Mine and Joe’s were straight across from each other. I snuggled into my bunk and wrapped myself up in the blanket. “I love you” I mouthed to Joe. “I love you too.” he mouthed back. We spent a little while mouthing things back and forth until we were sure everyone was asleep.
Joe crawled over to my bunk. It was pretty crowded but I didn’t care. I kissed him and he kissed me back. It was crazy all of this happening to me but I was embracing it all. “Joseph Adam Jonas I love you.” I smiled up at him. He kissed me slowly sending shivers down my spine. “I love you too.” he whispered. After a while Joe had to go back to his bed and leave me in mine.
I fell asleep knowing that tomorrow would be the starting of this tour, the starting of a new life, and the continuation of my dreams. Things were good right now and that was all that mattered. I had the best boyfriend and the best friends that any human being could ever ask for. I shut my eyes and smiled.

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