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Chapter 44

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“Aubrey…Aubrey…” I heard Joe’s voice. “What?” I mumbled opening my eyes. “One week!” he smiled. “Till what?” I asked. “Touring! We have one week!” he beamed. “Awesome!” I perked up. “I know!” Joe pulled me up and hugged me. “Can’t breath…” I mumbled into his chest, which was crushing my face. “Oh sorry! I’m just SO excited!” he bobbed his head. I laughed, “Me too.” I nodded.


“One week!” I shouted at Kevin who was standing by my window. He laughed and I jumped into his arms. “You do realize that if you do that at a moment I’m not paying attention you will fall.” he chuckled. “Ya.” I nodded. I started singing ‘One Week’ while Kevin was holding me. “I’m glad you’re a chef.” he said. “Why?” I paused my singing. “Because you would make a horrible singer.” he smirked. “UH!” I dropped my jaw. “I c-” Kevin cut me off by pushing his lips up to mine. “Good save.” I laughed when he pulled away.


We all walked downstairs. “You guys I want you guys to get your things ready before Friday.” Denise said from within the kitchen. “You got it Denise.” I nodded. “Especially you Joseph. I don’t want to have to wait an extra hour to leave just because you forgot something.” she warned. “I know Mom. I’ll pack my stuff early.” he grinned and hugged her.
“Hey you got most of the paint out of your hair.” Brooke said lifting a handful of my hair. “Surprisingly yes.” I laughed. “It looks like Nick still has one blue curl.” Chelcie giggled. “Huh?” Nick ran his hands through his hair. “You do!” I started laughing. “Where?” he asked. Chelcie pulled a curl down to show him. “You have to be kidding me…” Nick mumbled. “It’s fine Nick, you can barely see it.” Brooke assured him. “Yes, because bright blue doesn’t stand out against dark brown.” Nick rolled his eyes. “YOU WILL BE FINE!” I said sounding out each letter. “Fine…” he muttered and pulled his hands out of all the curls.
“Well now that, that whole ordeal is over let’s go to the movies!” Joe said changing the subject. “That was a little out of the blue but whatever.” I shrugged. “Ya just a little bit.” Nick nodded. “Well lets get going.” Kevin headed for the door. I’m not sure how but Kevin was always the leader and we were the followers.
We all went up to get our tickets. The lady who finally gave them to us was quite scary. I shuddered as we walked away. Once we all got settled down in our seats we all remembered that we didn’t get popcorn, sodas, or anything for that matter. “I vote that Joe goes and gets it.” Chelcie said. Everyone agreed. “Its ok Joe, I will go with you.” I smiled and walked off with him.
The girl behind the counter was majorly getting on my nerves. “So what would you like?” she said chewing the bright pink gum in her mouth. “Three large popcorns, a Diet Coke, a Dr. Pepper, an extra large Mountain Dew, and an extra large Dr. Pepper.” Joe put the money on the counter. “Ok.” the girl nodded. The girl bent over to get some lids and then dropped them. I gritted my teeth. She handed up the popcorn and sodas in a tray and then leaned down on the counter, making sure her shirt dropped just a little. “If you need anything else you just come back up here.” she winked as we walked away. I squeezed my hands into fists, so bad wanting to go right back there and punch her right in her overly foundationed face.
We walked into theater room 118 and found our seats again. Lucky for us the movie hadn’t started yet. We handed out all the sodas and popcorn. “Took you long enough.” Brooke whispered. “Oh shut up.” I whispered back. The movie started and I settled into my seat. Joe placed his arm around my shoulder.
About thirty minutes into the movie I looked away from the screen. I rolled my eyes because Brooke and Kevin were basically sucking each others faces off, simply pathetic. I looked over at Nick and Chelcie and they had their fingers intertwined. I looked over at Joe who was stuffing his face with popcorn, I held back a laugh. He looked over at me. His eyes were still visible even in the darkness. I smiled a little because I just simply couldn’t help myself. He grinned widely back at me.
We were about halfway through the movie and I needed to go to the bathroom. “Tell me what happens when I get back.” I whispered to Brooke and she nodded. I got up and silly Joe followed me. “I’m just going to the bathroom.” I said once we were out of the darkness. “I wanted to get more popcorn.” he held the empty bucket. I walked off to the bathroom and he went over to the counter.


I watched Aubrey walk away, I couldn’t help myself. “Back again?” the same girl that was behind the counter earlier walked over to fill up my popcorn. “Yep.” I nodded. Granted I was usually oblivious to everything but this girl was flirting and man was she laying it on thick. I was beginning to be uncomfortable.


I walked out of the bathroom and I seen that same girl flirting with Joe. This was getting ridiculous. If you could have only seen how heavily she was flirting! I stormed over there. “In case you didn’t notice before this guy is MY boyfriend and I don’t appreciate you being all over him.” I said fiercely. “Are you going to let this bossy girl push you around?” she asked Joe innocently. “Firstly she isn’t a girl she is a lady, secondly she may boss me around all she likes, and lastly I am not interested in you anyways!” Joe snatched the popcorn and walked off with me.
“Thanks for sticking up for me.” I said pausing in the hallway. “Well I didn’t want you to get thrown out for beating her up.” he laughed. I giggled and then his soft lips touched my lips. “No kissing!” a man in the theater colors said. “Sorry…” we both mumbled and then laughed once he was out of sight.
“Brooke.” I tapped her shoulder. “Oh sorry.” she pulled away from Kevin’s face. I gave her a sour face and she replied with a death glare. She told me everything that had happened and then I told Joe. We continued watching the movie and it was really good. I hadn’t been to the theater in a while since I didn’t live near one back home. We all walked out once the ending credits started rolling down the screen.
“Do you and Kevin even know what happened in the movie?” Joe teased Brooke. “I do because I can multitask.” she smiled. “How about you Kevin?” I asked Kevin. “To be honest I have no clue what happened in that movie.” he shrugged. “Pathetic…” I muttered under my breath. “What was that?” Brooke gave me a sassy look. “Nothing.” I grinned childishly back at her.
“I have a treat for you guys!” Denise yelled from within the kitchen. “Ok.” we all walked in there. “Yes! Dumplings!” Joe ran over to the heaping pot. “Awesome.” Kevin walked over there too followed by Nick. We began laughing at the boys’ excited faces over a pot of dumplings. After they filled their plates we got some too. “You have to give me the recipe!” Brooke’s face lit up when she took a bite. “I was planning to” Denise smiled. We all sat there and ate the delicious dumplings, of which I was hoping someone would fix again…soon…
After we ate we all ended up plopped on the couch with our stomachs all bloated. We probably looked like a bunch of little hound pups after nursing. “Mmm…” Joe groaned rubbing his stomach. “You shouldn’t of eaten so much.” I poked his tummy. “You’re probably right.” he mumbled. “Probably?” I raised my brow. “Ok you are right.” he smiled. “I think I’m going to die.” Chelcie was sprawled out on the loveseat. “I would hope not.” Nick teased.
Finally our stomachs calmed down and we could all sit up and mess around. Frankie played with us for the rest of the day. “Frankie its time for bed.” Paul walked into the game room. “But I’m not tired.” Frankie yawned. “I’ll put him to bed.” I nodded to Paul. “Come on buddy.” I took Frankie’s hand. I tucked him under his covers. “Goodnight Frankster.” I kissed his forehead. “Goodnight Aubrey.” he mumbled. He said my name right! He always said Aubee but this time he said Aubrey. I smiled widely as his eyelids fell over his big brown eyes.
Kevin and Brooke went to bed about an hour after Frankie and then Chelcie and Nick went to bed. “I’m going to bed.” I stood up from the game room couch. “Wait up.” Joe turned off the X-box and walked to my room with me.
Joe walked in my room before me. I closed the door and turned around only to be met by Joe’s lips and his hands on my waist. “What was that?” I laughed. “You just looked like you wanted a kiss.” he smirked and kissed me again only with more passion. “And that?” I asked. “That one was for me.” he grinned. “I think I need another one.” he kept grinning. I placed my lips on his and he pulled me closer to him. As we pulled away he tugged at my lip a little.
I smiled and then got into bed. He crawled in beside me, “I think I hear the snuggle monster.” he said mysteriously. “The snuggle monster?” I laughed. “Yep and I think that he’s right here.” he made growling noises into my neck as he snuggled closely. “Stop it!” I giggled. “The only way to stop the snuggle monster is if you kiss him.” Joe said through the growls. I kissed him, “Now would you stop.” I giggled. “Nope.” he smirked and kissed me again. Joe kissed me passionately. He moved from my lips downward to my neck, which made me giggle relentlessly, which of course made him do that more. “Joseph!” I giggled out. He paused and moved back up to my lips, kissing them softly and pulling away. “You are so silly.” I smiled. “Ya but you like it.” he winked.
After that Joe left me be, well sort of. He still snuggled closely, wrapping me up in his arms and holding me tightly. I let him hold me because I liked it when he held me like that. It was like nothing in the world could get to me. “I love you…” he whispered into my hair. “I love you too.” I put my hand in his.
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