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Get Off

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Patrick has a rough night with Mistress Robyn. (Poor soul.)

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Get Off:

(Author's Note: Before I begin this chap, I just wanted to say that this and the next chapter will go back to Sunday night and Monday morning before the last chap. I'll let you know when we get back to present tense. So in the words of John Cleese, And now for something completely something.)

I sat on my knees on Robyn's bed on Sunday night. I was stripped down to my boxers tonight. I had a black spiked collar around my neck. Robyn stood before dressed in nothing but black lacy bra and panties. She had a riding crop in her hands. I was staring at her nervously. Suddenly this wasn't what I had in mind when she said that she wanted to see me tonight. I was expecting something more quiet and simple. I should've known better from that night in the parking lot. But sadly, I hadn't learned yet.

"Uh... Robyn..." I spoke up to her. "This is very nice and all, but what exactly are we doing here?" She leaned in close and put her fingers to my lips.

"Shhhh!" she told me. "Pets do not talk or ask questions. Understood?" I had lost all words as I nodded at her. Robyn backed up and smiled at me.

"Good pet!" she said to me. I kept staring at her nervously. My "master" just smiled at me wickedly.

"Now," she said to me. "We can start the class!" I was really confused now. "Class?" I thought. I was really worried about where this was all going. Robyn knelt down in front of me and lightly kissed me on the lips. I slowly relaxed some.

"Don't worry," she whispered to me. "You're in good hands. Just relax! I'll be very nice!" Then, Robyn lightly licked my ear. I panicked at that statement. I knew nothing good ever came from those words. She lightly backed away smiling at me. Then, the games began.

Robyn forced me down onto my stomach. I tried to look up, but she forced me to look forward in the darkness. Robyn then leaned down to my ear.

"Just stay still!" she ordered me. I nodded to her quickly. Then came the first whack on my back. I clinched my teeth in pain. She was flogging me tonight! Robyn Bates was actually flogging me tonight! Then came another whack to my back. This one hurt worse than the first one. To make it even more painful, Robyn kept whipping me. At first, I kept silent not to wake up Greg in the next room. That didn't last long however. Pretty soon, I was crying out in deep pain from each lash that my "master" gave me.

"YES!!!" Robyn yelled out happily. "Scream out loud bitch!!!" Then, she flogged me again on the back with the riding crop. I screamed out really loud. I practically grabbed onto her sheets below me. That drove her to whip even faster.

"YES!!!" she yelled out again. I was stuck between pain and confusion. This really wasn't what I was planning today. Personally, I thought Robyn was being too rough tonight.

"Uh, Robyn," I finally spoke up. She whipped me across the back again.

"Ow!" I yelled out. "What the hell was that for?!?" Robyn whipped me once again.

"No talking!!!" she screamed out. "Pet must stay quiet!"

"But..." I tried to speak up again. Robyn whacked me once more.

"SILENCE!!!" she shrieked. Then she whipped me again to see to it that I did so. I finally gave up and let her have her fun. The flogging went on for a few hours more before she got bored with that. I was breathing put hard. I thought that was the end. Boy was I wrong!

I next heard a lighter clicking in the dark. I was really lost now. Is she smoking or lighting a candle now? Then, I smelt cigarette smoke. Robyn was smoking right now. But that's all that she did now. I suddenly felt something burning against my back. The master was burning me on the back with her cigarettes. I screamed really loud. I then heard laughing. She was... laughing at me! She was laughing at my pain. I just couldn't believe it. This really wasn't what I was expecting tonight! This was... This was... Strangely hot! I couldn't understand what she was doing to me that night. But she was preparing me for more kinky torture. In the middle of round two, Robyn lightly leaned down to my ear.

"Don't worry babe," she whispered to me. "This is only part one. I won't be done with you for a long time, my friend!" Then, she lightly licked my ear again. I shuttered again under her. I think I'm going to be sick now! Then, I felt another burn to my back. I cried out in pain again. Robyn laughed again at my pain.

The night went on with more abuse. I was adjusting to it, but it was still confusing to me. Afterwards, Robyn just collapsed beside of me and fell asleep in seconds. I just lied panting and covered in sweat. I looked next to my master in tired confusion.

"Robyn?" I asked. "You asleep?" My Canadian friend was sleeping heavily.

"Hey!" I whispered to her as I tried to wake her up. "Hey! Hey!" It was no use. Robyn was out like a light. I guess cuddling is out of the question tonight. I just lied there and tried to go back to sleep. But, I knew this was far from over! This was just part one in the series of Robyn torment. She wasn't going to be finished with me just yet. Oh no! She said so herself. I shuttered just thinking about her words. I only hoped that I would prove to be strongly enough in the end. Hard swallow That's not looking too likely.

Never Thought That We Would Be More Than Friends

Author's Note: Okay, my lovlies! I have an urge to do some more steamy-romantic Prose chapters in the future. So any suggestions on what to do next?
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